Lovely Pregnancy Quotes from Husband to Wife- Ms. Sapana Vibhandik

These are one liner quotes along with a beautifully drafted message which you can send to your wife during her 9 months of pregnancy.

Heart melting pregnancy quotes and messages from Husband to Wife:

“Revaluating life to make way for the new life to come”

1- I did not know how a new life could change me so much from within. The moment I heard of your pregnancy, I revaluated my entire life and changed myself into the best I could be. Before today I never was worried about my decisions, but from the second I felt a part of my flesh growing in yours, I dropped all my bad habits and embraced whatever is good for you and for our child to be.

“Pregnancy is about keeping quiet on your partner’s mood so that she can have the best 9 months with her baby”

2- I know pregnancy can be tough and perhaps being a man I won’t be able to understand it as much as I should, yet, I promise you my darling, I will feed you with your favourite ice cream whenever you are in a mood to indulge in something sweet. But if ever you asked for me instead of food, I will kiss you till you tell me it is enough or till the time I could feel my baby in you whisper “Daddy, I love you”.

“Help your pregnant woman at home so that she is all up and about with her work life”

 3) I promise I will be around for anything you would need. Although it is YOU who are carrying a child but, this baby is as much yours as it is mine. And so, I will be responsible for helping you out at every step and during every phase of your pregnancy. I will help you in the kitchen and house to make sure you keep up with your professional life and are able to enjoy life as always.

“Pregnancy brings a newer glow on the faces of everyone in the family”

4) For the next nine months all I want you to do is wonder and get wider. I think people are right in saying that women look prettier after conceiving. Since these days, with our baby adding to you glow, you have turned into the same little princess who I met during our college times. As a reason, and also to keep up with your youthful appearance, I have bought myself a lot many shampoos, gels and cleansers already.

“If a child could borrow their mother’s heart at birth, they already are beautiful”

5) I have heard men say that they would want their babies to have eyes like their mothers. I have heard men say that they would want their babies to have a smile like their mothers. I have seen men delightfully picking up their kids shouting how their curls so much remind them of their better half. But do you know what I would want in our kid when it is there in my arms? I would wish for them to have a heart like you so we both know our future is in good hands.

“Pregnant Mothers who read to their kids make for the best future citizens.”

6) Yesterday, I saw you reading a book to the life within you and I grew with awe and wonder thinking how much you both mean to me and how much I am ready to give away only to be able to sit next to you, with my arms caressing the belly, and listen to the stories you are so lovingly telling to our child to be.

“When you are with a kid your husband would love you for everything and would therefore forgive you even for those habits that he once hated in you.”

7) Well, you know how much I hate it when you get angry at me for no valid reason but guess what, and no, I am not too happy to tell you this, you can, well, since you are carrying my pretty little kid, shout at me, fight with me and curse me however you want. Oh yes, I am literally telling you what you heard just now. You are allowed and free to act according to your mood and darling for the first time, I wouldn’t even complain about it.

“It is a father’s job to make the kid in the oven happy by keeping their mother happy”

8) I can’t wait anymore to see our baby and hold them in my arms. I don’t know if it would be a boy or a girl but I promise, I will give you only the best of everything. I will protect you from every harm and love you like only a father could do. You know the one thing that people often forget about their kids- they are the happiest only when you keep their mothers happy. So I promise in every decision I would keep her before me.

“A good husband would let his pregnant wife rest for one more hour and eat one more cookie”

9) As you are carrying our baby in you, let me tell you I am carrying your love in my heart. I know life is tough but I promise to stand by you till the very end and if there is life even beyond the end, I promise to walk till forever. While you are pregnant I would suggest you to take as much as rest as you can and yes, at least for these coming nine months, I wouldn’t mind waking up early and serving you your favourite pan cakes in bed.

“Pregnancy makes men more nervous than women and that is why they can feel the weight his wife is carrying in his heart”

10) I am a little more excited to see our baby than I was when I saw you for the first time. It is because I know they would have a heart and mind of yours but apart from that, they would have my eyes and my smile too. It would be lovely to see the best of ours in our baby and that is why I am not just excited but super excited to finally give life from us.

-Ms. Sapana Vibhandik,
Founder Gomama247

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