Linfa Age- Hairfall Prevention Shampoo

Hair is one of the key physical assets of every human being and a vital characteristic that symbolizes beauty.

Women in general give utmost importance to their hair and keep adhering to various hair care methods to retain its shine and control hair loss, if any.

Thick, long and voluminous hair is considered
a matter of personal pride and hence it needs to be protected at every stage of life.

Though it is normal for every person to lose hair at the rate of at least 40-50 strands on a daily basis, it becomes a point of concern when there is a considerable increase in the loss of hair.

Rains are a synonym for loads of fun but also signal the need for extra protection especially for your hair. The monsoon humidity robs the hair of its bounce leaving it limp and lifeless.

The scalp constantly sweats leading to itching, scratching and increased hair fall.  Humidity weakens hair making it easily breakable. Rainwater carries atmospheric pollutants that weaken your hair roots causing hair fall. If you get drenched in the rain, shampoo your hair as soon as you get back home.

Bottega Di Lungavita has launched a Linfa Age-Hairfall Prevention Shampoo to prevent hair fall, especially in monsoons. This shampoo nurtures a healthy scalp and helps increase hair growth.

The scalp is a mirror to our state of mental and physical health, since there are many factors that negatively influence hair growth: poor diet, tiredness, stress, climatic factors, natural aging and, in women, the climacterium.

In Linfa Age-Hairfall Prevention Shampoo, a useful remedy is provided by a cleansing base that is rich in capillary cytostimulants such as China root, Arnica, Watercress and Ginseng with excitant, toning and stimulating action, and Birch with powerful astringent and skin-purifying action on the scalp.

Also present is a mixture of Adenosine, an energy-inducing metabolic cofactor, and Theophylline, a xanthine which, according to recent studies, has been shown to be able to stimulate hair growth in vitro and limit a drop in follicular vitality induced by androgenetic alopecia.

This is used in synergy with a botanical blend. The formulation also contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that acts on follicular activity. Due to its capillary toning properties, Linfa-age Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is proficient in dealing in all forms of vital weaknesses of hair, because it helps to stimulate and restore the natural physiological properties of an atonic and devitalized scalp.

INR 990/-

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