BPCL observes ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’

India observes the 14th August as the ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’ in honour of the millions of people who suffered during the partition in 1947. The ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’ has been envisaged to bring to light the agony, suffering and pain of millions of people who were the sufferers of partition. It is to remind the country of the largest displacement of population in the last century.

Why Trust Your Intuition?

It's a common fallacy that gut instincts are influenced by emotion and should not be relied upon. And it makes sense why they would reach that conclusion. Gut feelings are often unsupported by data and seem to originate out of thin air. They can take many different shapes and frequently make individuals feel uneasy or strangely peaceful.

How to Avoid Procrastination

Most people procrastinate action. We criticise ourselves and feel guilty about it. Yet we continue to do it. Because of at least three things: our own defective thought processes, an intolerance for certain emotions (such worry or boredom), and the lack of solid habits and systems (bad discipline). You can employ tactics that specifically address these issues if you are aware of them.

Ancient Greek Heroes Modern Interpretation

Charles Chiasson claimed that although contemporary superheroes battle with morality, ancient Greek heroes were morally superior to ordinary people. Kids expect the Greek heroes to have morals, according to Chiasson. They want them to be decent people.” The morality of a hero was unimportant in ancient mythology; power was more important. The values and power fantasies of society are reflected in tales of powerful beings, from Greek mythology to contemporary comics.

Satyajit Ray: The legend of Indian Cinema

Satyajit Ray is known for his exquisite contribution to the field of arts and aesthetics, he is regarded as one of the greatest Indian filmmakers and screenwriters of his time. His works have been recognized and also have won critical acclaim all over the world. Apart from being an outstanding filmmaker, Ray has also written and illustrated books for children.

Are Disney Princesses Are Good Role Models?

The Disney Princess films are a number of the maximum well-known films of all time. Almost everybody has heard of them, or at the least the memories of every girl. Little children like to get dressed up as princesses and may actually have Disney Princess themed birthday parties.

The Rise of Ethics in Entertainment And The Media

Broadcast media, film, theatre, the arts, print media, and many other forms of media all fall under the category of media ethics. It calls for supporting and protecting ideals including the respect for all life, the rule of law, and legality. One of the most clearly defined subfields of media ethics is journalistic ethics. Media ethics frequently favours journalistic ethics. Journalism ethics covers a wide range of subtopics,