Healing Diseases through spirituality

In our life, we face many highs and lows, ups and downs - emotionally and physically. The physical issues can be managed but the emotional problems are a bigger challenge to tackle. We suffer at times and at times we succeed. We accept all these issues as karma or fate. The reality is often different.

Unwinding Minds - Team GoodLives

Mental Health Awareness is basically for making us aware that our psychological well-being is vital for our own health, productivity, and happiness. However, it is due to the lack of this awareness and the stigma attached to therapy, that people hesitate in seeking help!

Livpure 2020 Christmas sale: Flat discounts on all Mattresses & Accessories

Christmas is right around the corner and Livpure is in Cahoots with the Santa himself this time by announcing great deals on its each product. Livpure, a well-established brand in India, recently entered into sleep and wellness business, and is all set to jingle all the way this Christmas by announcing

Mihup Marks It’s Moment In The History of Man- Machine Communication

Accel for the third time, Ideaspring Capital for the second time have invested in Mihup Communication Pvt. Ltd; a fast evolving trusted and accurate vernacular voice interface platform.

Krishna Bhati: Face of Indian education recognised at UK House of Commons

Krishna Bhati, an avid educationist,   honoured at 3rd Global League Institute Certification at the House of Commons, United Kingdom for her exemplary contribution in the field of education. The distinguished forum was presided over by Baroness Sandip Verma, chair of UN Women National Committee United Kingdom, member of the European Union Committee.

1500 jobless people to learn RO servicing and repairing work for free

At least 1500 jobless people will learn RO servicing and repairing work free of cost, thanks to Indian Health Bureau’s recent initiative. The organisation has already trained 50 people and is now preparing to scale it up to 1500 people across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Make Parents’ Day Special With These U.S. Inspired Experiences

Parents’ Day is celebrated throughout the United States as a day to honor the important role of parents and shower them with love and affection. The best gift any parent can ask for is quality time spent with