Bucket List Worthy Moments Await in Monterey County

Resolve to check some items off your bucket list! Here are a just a few “bucket list worthy” moments in Monterey County to get your planning started.


When talked about Rudraksha it is impeccable to mention the uncanny miracle the beads hold that can safeguard the aura of a person by altering it into a source of positive vibrations, it can also protect us from the pessimistic thoughts being jinxed on us throughout the day.

COVID can enter through eyes too, prevent eye infections during pandemic

While people are strictly following the lockdown in support of the nation well being, but would be sticking themselves to the digital screens, which may have serious effect on their vision in the long run. While any condition should not be confirmed on your own

Tired of drinking the same coffee? Here, try something new

First let’s start with the “in-trend” Dalgona coffee, but wait don’t stop reading, not just the common Dalgona coffee, here are three different types of Dalgona coffee. These are very simple, needs minimal ingredients and very easy to prepare at home.

Brew you perfect cup

When we say the word coffee most Indian people think of Nescafe or Bru  which they drink by sprinkling over their syrup like sweetened milk which is more like satisfying your sugar cravings with coffee flavoured sweetened milk but for the people who love the drink for its - aroma, which comes from the seven

Women workers of India and gender wage gap

Understanding the nature of work performed by women in India requires first of all that we broaden our understanding of what work is, and recognize the different kinds of socially necessary as well as other work. The nature of work and how to capture it in empirical data have indeed been among the most complicated and debated issues in social sciences.