Fareportal Partners with Hamari Udaan to Support Critical Medical Needs

Leading travel technology company Fareportal India has partnered with healthcare focused non-profit NGO Hamari Udaan to provide critically needed medical infrastructure for health centers in Tier 2 cities in India.


Just when it seemed like the world was cruising along at a leisurely pace, the pandemic came out of the left field and again, gave a jolt to all. In the aftermath of the pandemic and the lockdown, a number of concerns surfaced which led to problems for Indian youth, the most pressing being unemployment,

CLOCR brings to India the One Tool for Your Family to Organize, Manage and Pass on Your Digital Legacy the RIGHT Way

CLOCR Inc., an Austin, Texas-based computer software company, short for “Cloud Locker” is India’s first all-in-one estate planning and disbursement platform designed specifically for digital assets. The company established in 2018 simply focuses on a better solution to the problem of passing on digital assets the right way. 

Organic way to manage stress

Does stress impair your immune system or rather enhance it to work better? What actually happens when you feel stressed, do you start working harder or become anxious, sad or depressed?

Healing Diseases through spirituality

In our life, we face many highs and lows, ups and downs - emotionally and physically. The physical issues can be managed but the emotional problems are a bigger challenge to tackle. We suffer at times and at times we succeed. We accept all these issues as karma or fate. The reality is often different.

Unwinding Minds - Team GoodLives

Mental Health Awareness is basically for making us aware that our psychological well-being is vital for our own health, productivity, and happiness. However, it is due to the lack of this awareness and the stigma attached to therapy, that people hesitate in seeking help!

Livpure 2020 Christmas sale: Flat discounts on all Mattresses & Accessories

Christmas is right around the corner and Livpure is in Cahoots with the Santa himself this time by announcing great deals on its each product. Livpure, a well-established brand in India, recently entered into sleep and wellness business, and is all set to jingle all the way this Christmas by announcing