Research can influence the people and turn the world into a better place- Dr Mammen Chandy

The director of TATA Medical Centre, Dr. Mammen Chandy, who has been recently awarded for his contribution in the field of medicine addressed to an audience consisting of students pursuing both bio-technology and science where he talked about how the youth has been a reason in the means of

Summer fruits for teeth whitening By Dr. Gunita Singh and Dr. Tanvir Singh

Healthy living has always been associated with eating fruits and vegetables. Summers give us an opportunity to enjoy lot of seasonal Vegetables and fruits which are known to promote good dental health, so include them in your daily diet. The vitamins, minerals and

Avoid Unfriendly Habits for Healthy Liver- Dr. R P Singh Malhotra

The toxins that enter our body are handed over to our liver for processing and eliminating. Thus liver is essential for our existence. Let's avoid these liver-unfriendly habits and handle it with extra care.

MUSIC- An Ultimate Healer by Runki Goswami

We all live a super busy life. All of us race from one job to the other every day. A family errand could be followed by crisis at office. We are always trying to mentally rearrange our schedule to insert a new requirement popping ever minute. 24 hrs is no longer good and we are left with a feeling that there aren’t enough hours in a day. Leading a hectic life is a part of our chosen lifestyle and

Dealing With Anger in Children, Few things parents should always be keep in mind

Sometimes anger or aggression of child is natural, Kavita Yadav, a Parenting Expert & Coach, and director of JiNa. LivingPositively says. Parents should respond with tranquility rather than punishing them with anger. You can help your child by being aware of what's probably triggering his/her aggression. Your child is more likely to act aggressively when he/she is tired, sleepy, hungry or thirsty.

Share with Care- Aakaash Singh

Imagine that an asset that you own such as a car remains underutilized most of the time. In fact in the Indian scenario this not so hard to imagine - it has been reported that private car utilization percentages are as low as 5%. But now with the help of advanced big data analytics, an intermediary such as Zoomcar, Revv or Quickride is leveraging on data to provide you a platform on which you can share your assets or carpool with fellow travelers and earn some income from your assets and improve your assets‟ utilization and become a mobility service provider yourself.

Young Minds showcase talent galore at Amiphoria!

Amiphoria the fourth edition of three day get together of young minds from Amity University Kolkata along with other colleges, commenced on 12th March, in the college campus. The fest started with the lighting of the lamp by the Vice Chancellor, Pro-vice chancellor, Vice president along with all faculty members and students. In the inaugural program,