Intimate partner violence: Why don’t women leave violent partners?- Dr Prakriti Poddar

The cause of harmony and fulfilling partnership is what every couple strives for- it falls under the clause of basic human needs that makes life more cherishable. Yet, violence amongst partner is prevalent among most cases, with heartbreaking accounts of intimate partner violence (IPV), leading

Aesthetic of Aesthetics by Dr. Ajay Rana

When we talk about ‘Beauty’, one common saying flashes our mind that, “Beauty means being comfortable and confident in your own skin.” No one is an exception to having a desire to look beautiful and stay young. And eventually this makes us eagerly seek for new options and miracles

Career in Diagnostic: A surging job opportunity- Ruchi Gupta

Healthcare sector is one of the largest sectors when it comes to terms and job opportunities. If you are wishing to reach heights, then this is the perfect sector to work.  The industry deals with various services like hospitals, diagnostics, medical tourism, and medical equipment.  In recent years,

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Brings a New Level of Style and Service to India

The second Four Seasons in India is located within the new landmark destination Embassy ONE, encompassing the 230-room Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, 105 Four Seasons Private Residences and commercial and luxury retail space.

Tips to do your messy hair in 5 mins by Dr. Blossom Kochhar

We've all faced it....bad hair day....messy hair day!! On such occasions, we get totally frustrated taming the hair.It can actually impact our self confidence. If you're not happy with your look, you can feel worse about yourself. That's why it's so important to get your hair under control. Stop worrying

Research can influence the people and turn the world into a better place- Dr Mammen Chandy

The director of TATA Medical Centre, Dr. Mammen Chandy, who has been recently awarded for his contribution in the field of medicine addressed to an audience consisting of students pursuing both bio-technology and science where he talked about how the youth has been a reason in the means of

Summer fruits for teeth whitening By Dr. Gunita Singh and Dr. Tanvir Singh

Healthy living has always been associated with eating fruits and vegetables. Summers give us an opportunity to enjoy lot of seasonal Vegetables and fruits which are known to promote good dental health, so include them in your daily diet. The vitamins, minerals and