Frozen Fun Celebrates Diwali in the Most Fun Way!

Frozen Fun is dishing out some scrumptious and unheard-of-before gelato flavours this Diwali! True to its name, of keeping with the fun, the young brand is putting a sweet spin on traditional Diwali gifts and

surprises - watch the faces of your loved ones light up with wonder when they taste the novel Gulab Jamun gelato, replete with those wintertime favourite desserts aplenty, and the unique pairing of the unusually delicious Rasgulla with Sweet Paprika, all in a gelato.

Their Almond Saffron Honey gelato may not be as traditional, but is still a pataka of flavour. With their special Diwali flavours available only at their standalone outlets across Delhi/NCR, including their two newest homes at Select CityWalk mall (Saket) and Ambience Mall, get your hands on these sweet flavourful surprises all the way up until Diwali.  For those looking to shine at their Diwali gatherings, Frozen Fun’s Strawberry and Blueberry sorbets go a long way in serving up some really cool and colourful cocktails!

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