Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha’s Timeless Contribution in Astro field Being Recognised by British Parliament, London

One of the most acclaimed and renowned astrologers from India, Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha, made the country proud as he was honoured with the ‘Certification of Excellence’ of WBR by the British Parliament on 28th September 2022, for his matchless contribution in promoting Astrology and Vedic

Science. The award was presented by Honourable Virendra Sharma of the British Parliament, England, in a ceremony conducted by WBR to honor the exceptional work done by individuals in different verticals.

On winning the Award, Dr. Vinod Kumar Ojha said, “I am delighted for this recognition at the prestigious WBR event, which celebrates and awards excellence. I want to make everyone aware of astrology and how it can transform one’s life. It is the love of you all, that allows me to work towards creating a benchmark in the field of astrology and Vedic science.”

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