Euronics is filled with Diwali zeal

Incorporating Diwali celebrations into your workplace is an excellent approach to foster an inclusive environment. After two drab years of sharing holiday greetings digitally, the festive spirit is back in Euronics, celebrating festivals like Diwali in person with their Team. Diwali celebrations at work can be a great way to honour many cultural customs and could be a wonderful complement to your DE&I

approach. Diwali is a major deal in India, so if you're celebrating at work, you need to throw a huge, extravagant celebration.

Team Euronics makes every effort to enjoy and make the most of the day, and Diwali is definitely a special occasion. Everyone is required to enter the office dressed in their traditional wear and is greeted with a tilak and a shower of rose petals. Flowers and diyas are used to adorn the office. The celebration starts with a prayer gathering where everyone gathers in the common room to ask for God's blessings. The team from PAN India offices in India joins via a zoom call.

The celebration begins with games and a customary Tambola. The entire team of Euronics look forward to this portion of the day. The winners are rewarded at the end of the gaming session. The next stage of the celebration involves music and dance. Everyone is swaying to the sounds, and Viknesh Jain, the CEO and MD of Euronics will be taking on the role of DJ. Well, what is a celebration without some delicious food, when everybody is finally tired of all the dancing, a big feast awaits them in the dining area. Loads of sweets and delicious savouries become the highlight of the day.   

Following the majority of the enjoyable activities, this event will be concluded with a word of encouragement by Viknesh Jain the CEO and MD of Euronics, and the interaction with the entire team. Employees receive unique gifts on behalf of the company, in addition to monetary bonuses. Everyone finally returns home with great smiles on their faces, looking forward to the long weekend they will spend with their family in their hometowns.

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