SleepyCat encourages people to invest in their rest this festive season

SleepyCat, India’s premium D2C sleep solutions brand, launches its relatably funny campaign by showcasing how a common person is smothered by various sale offers online in the name of ‘festive season’. Be it BOGO offers, 70% off deals, stock clearance tactics, each offer is grander than the other. While these schemes seem enticing, it can rip a consumer off their mental peace and manipulate them into spending unnecessarily on products which they may not always need.

The campaign film is a spoof of festive season ads targeting consumers repeatedly and pushing unnecessary products under fancy names and impressive discounts. All these Dhamaka Deal, Bombastic Offer or Lightening Sale ads pop-up so frequently while you’re online, in fact a recent Forbes study shows that an individual in 2022 sees about 10,000 ads per day.

SleepyCat is all set to break this clutter with a film that you a) find relatable, b) find humorous & c) gives you a real insight on what’s most important in life: it’s your rest and mental well-being!

Consumers must learn to ‘rest’ their body and minds. Now, if that means investing in good mattresses, bedding and pillows, SleepyCat highly encourages you to do so this festive season, instead of stocking up on unnecessary items. Because if you are going to spend money this festive season in the name of ‘investment’, it better be on your ‘rest’.

SleepyCat has always put the needs of the consumers first. Their “The Great Diwali Sale” is as great as it sounds. It’s an offer of up to 35% off on their premium mattresses, pillows, bedding and more. Anyone who’s really looking to invest in their rest should check it out.

In their words, “Shop now if you need it, really, NO PRESSURE.”

BONUS! Their flagship mattress, The Ultima, is also selling at this year’s lowest price. So, if you were considering buying it, now’s the time. SleepyCat’s Ultima Mattress is India’s first mattress that keeps you 4 degrees cooler with its CoolTEC™ fabric, and provides ultimate pressure relief with digitally precise foam cuts allowing better contouring for 7-zone differentiated support with its DeepTouch®  Pressure Technology.

Commenting on the film campaign highlighting SleepyCat’s The Great Diwali Sale, Kabir Siddiq, Founder & CEO, SleepyCat says, “Our primary mission has always been to prioritize comfort and sound sleep through our products. With this campaign, we’re showcasing to the world that it’s our consumers' needs and problems that tops our charts. We’re here to offer premium sleep solutions with our innovative and comfortable mattresses and accessories. If you’re really passionate about investing in your rest, SleepyCat will be the brand for you. Over 2 lakh customers love SleepyCat products, and I’m really proud of that. That’s why we also offer our consumers a 100-night free trial on our mattresses. So, they can fully trust this brand. We’re not typical, just like our ads.”

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