Human in her IFE,a journey with a known, memorable & mesmerizing origin (birth) but a sudden, unknown & unpredictable destination(death), encounters a number of obstacles and hindrances to accomplish her ultimate goal in order to place herself on the  summit of ‘Success’. But the word ‘Success’ in itself is a great mystery, isn’t it?

When we talk about ‘Success’ and it’s definition, it varies from person to person around the Globe.In my perception, Success is the by-product of the effort which we put in performing our duties and responsibilities, where our self confidence, patience and hope acts as a promoter, and Obstacles, that comes on our path towards the summit of Success are like that of a catalyst.

In this scenario, it is crystal clear that a person learns a lot of lesson from the obstacles which makes the person more updated and better than ever before. It makes a person to be prepared to face undue and uncertain circumstances at any moment under any phase of her life. Thus, ‘Obstacles ultimately leads the person to accept and be devoted towards the statement “Visit and Rigid” which gives born to “Duty of Beauty”.

The former part of the statement“Visit and Rigid” enables the person to visit which means to recall and remember all about the past life and thereby filter the positive and negative aspects of her life and finally to criticize on those moments which are found to be hindrances of the person’s overall progress. The output of this criticism finally makes the person to be ‘rigid’ on leaving all those negativities of her past life and completely be dedicated to the positivities only which makes her an ideal person among the crowd of rest all and with a self motivation to do better always.

After all, once a person is mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually reformed then indigenously she accepts all the positivity of herself as well as others which leads towards the birth of a new person, obviously not a biological birth, but birth of person with new enthusiasm, effort, energy and eagerness to do better which makes a unique identity of herself in society and to perform ‘Duty of Beauty’.

This newly coined term ‘Duty of Beauty’ brainwashes the women to work and put more effort on her goal in such a way that she get admired and respected by all among the crowd and thus, grows in overall aspects including individually, socially, economically, politically and among all emotionally as well as spiritually with a keen sense of humanity.

After having all above qualities, no power of the world can hinder the success of the man at any time at any place. Therefore, Obstacle is a good master but a bad servant.

One may often links this scenario with the ultimate outcome with the ‘Obstacles’ & ‘Success’.  To enlighten this linkage, Once a human learns to face and challenge the obstacles without worrying whether she would get success or not, she can buildwithin herself a positive attitude of ever learning throughher  journey.

With this attitude, he can extends the confiment of his knowledge to a wider range of boundary. And his thirst of exploring more & more, leads him to be well prepared for numerous challenges that may comes without any prior notices suddenly at any aspect of life.

In conclusion, all this I can compare to my personal experience in my college life, a situation which completely brainwashed my views and concepts towards the beauty of ‘Obstacles’ while  moving on the path towards the summit of Success’.

-Nikita Kumari Rauniyar
BBA (Hons),Institute of Business Management
GLA University,Mathura

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