Quantum Energy Extends Limited-time Offer on New Plasma X and XR Electric Scooters till 30thApril

Quantum Energy, a leading electric vehicle (EV) startup specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of electric scooters, had announced the extension of its limited-time offer on the latest models, Plasma X and XR, until 30th April. Initially set to conclude on 31st March 2024, this extension comes as a response to overwhelming demand from eco-conscious consumers.

Quantum Energy’s decision to extend the offer on its Plasma X and XR electric scooters is noteworthy, especially in light of the conclusion of the FAME II Subsidy on March 31st and the subsequent introduction of the EMPS 2024 ad-hoc scheme. Despite the latter offering limited support of up to INR 10,000 per two-wheeler, Quantum Energy remains committed to providing attractive pricing options, demonstrating its dedication to making sustainable transportation accessible to all.

Formerly listed at INR 1,19,525 and INR 99,757 ex-showroom respectively, these state-of-the-art scooters are now offered by Quantum Energy at an enticing 10% discount, bringing the prices down to INR 109,000 and INR 89,000 respectively.
Commenting on the extension of the offer, Mr. Chakravarthi C, Managing Director of Quantum Energy Limited, expressed, “At Quantum Energy, we have been overwhelmed by the tremendous response from our customers in the previous month, and in gratitude for their love and support, we have decided to extend our offering.”

He added, “We firmly believe that the EV two-wheeler industry has broken out of its shelland, with ongoing government support, has reached a stage where OEM players like usare capable of offering competitive pricing that meets consumer expectations. Paired with financing options offering the most favourable interest rates compared to traditional fuel-based vehicles, it’s a win-win situation for our valued customers.”

As an added incentive, Quantum Energy is offering additional benefits worth ₹75,000 for every bike purchase made until April 30th. These benefits include exclusive brand offers and coupons from leading brands such as Myntra, Pizza Hut, Paytm, The Man Company, and more, enhancing the overall value proposition for customers.

The Plasma X and XR electric scooters are engineered to deliver an unparalleled riding experience while championing environmental sustainability. Featuring a robust 1500W motor and a 60V 50Ah lithium-ion battery, the Plasma X accelerates from 0 to 40 km/ph in just 7.5 seconds, boasting a maximum speed of 65 km/hr and an impressive range of 120 km.

Moreover, riders can effortlessly switch between Eco and Sports drive modes, benefiting from keyless start and reverse gear functionalities. Likewise, the Plasma XR, equipped with a 1500W motor, achieves a top speed of 60 km/hr and a range of 100 km on a single charge. Both models cater to diverse commuter needs, appealing to students, professionals, and gig workers alike. Prospective buyers can book a test ride online via the Quantum Energy website or visit any of its showrooms conveniently located across India.

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