Pabrai's Summer Spl Ice Cream

Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle, India’s fastest growing chain for premium, 100% natural ice creams, presents its exotic & exclusive range of ice cream flavors to beat the heat!

As its name suggests, known for its fresh and natural range, Fresh and Naturelle continues to please ice cream lovers and fitness buffs alike.

Feast on seasonal delights of Alphonso Mango, Kala Jamun and
Leechee this summer in their authentic flavors!

The summer specials include a selection of luscious flavors which make a perfect bet for a summer treat. Set a date with the king of Mangoes which is undoubtedly the Alphonso Mango from the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.

The bright yellowish orange pulp of the Alphonso is rich, lusciously juicy, and delicately aromatic with its own distinctive flavor. Fresh & Naturelle Ice creams make Alphonso Mango ice creams only from fresh and high grade Alphonso pieces and pulp.

This ice cream is made only during the months of May & June.

Kala Jamun ice cream is made from high grown special grade Kala Jamun flown down from Mumbai. The Kala Jamun ice cream has a fanatical following with its followers swearing by its unique taste and flavor.

Made from Jamun pieces and pulp of the specially grown Jamun, this ice cream is available from mid May to end June.

A flavor to tantalize your taste buds is the tempting Leechee, sourced from the orchards in Muzaffarpur in Bihar. Delectable leechee ice cream is made of ripe, red and juicy leechees.

One bite of the luscious leechee ice cream will flood your mouth with the flavor of the freshly cut fruit. This seasonal summer delight is available during May & June.

So dig in to the refreshingly cool flavors of Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle and enjoy the goodness of sweet sensations this summer!

Prices- Rs 89 plus taxes

Available at 2nd Floor, DLF Promenade, Central Market at East Patel Nagar & at Food Court - DLF Place Saket.  

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