First Snap Fitness in North India

Snap Fitness, a No Frills worldwide 24/7 fitness center launched its first fitness center in Gurgaon, North India.

After taking South India and Mumbai by storm, this dynamic fitness center is all set to spread the fitness fever in the northern part of the country too. Snap Fitness is filling the fitness space by offering an international format fitness centre at affordable prices to the Indian consumer.

Dr. Vikram BM, Founder & CEO Snap Fitness India commented, “Our success in the southern part of the country inspired us to make this swift move to the north India. We plan to spread far and wide across the country and make fitness affordable and accessible to all. BE WELL is our motto”

SNAP made its foray into India in 2008 through Force Fitness by opening its first centre in Indiranagar Bangalore. In a short span of 5 years it is now one of  the top 3 companies in the organized health and fitness segment in India with 40 centers across the country and growing. It has current membership strength
of over 40,000 members as of July 2013.

SNAP worldwide has 2500+ locations across USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK,India,Mexico and Egypt and is renowned for its affordable and convenient fitness solutions that provide its clients with 24/7 access, affordable membership pricing and top-quality exercise equipment, with no expensive frills

Members at Snap are given the leeway to opt for memberships in the formats that they choose whether it’s annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly. The add- ons include nutrition & diet counseling and personalized exercising prescriptions.

Technology is another key differentiator that sets SNAP apart from its peers. Members get swipe cards that enable them to access any SNAP gym worldwide, online diet and nutrition counseling and an online library of workouts.

With Snap Fitness you get all the benefits of Personal training, Nutrition counseling and World class top of the line equipments that would elevate you to the next level of being “HEALTHY & FIT” hassle free.

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