Annual International Reiki Awards

Dr. N.K. Sharma, the veteran Naturopath and Founder of Reiki Healing Foundation (RHF) presented the coveted Annual International Reiki Awards at Hindi Bhawan Auditorium, I.T.O., New Delhi recently.

The most prestigious Reiki Ratan Award was presented to the best four Reiki practitioners that include, Ms. Neelmadhu Srivastava, Ms. M.L. Mehta, Mrs. Sindhu Gupta and Mrs. Rekha Arora.

RHF is the only organization in the world
that recognizes the contribution of its Reiki Channel and confers international Reiki Awards to the dedicated Reiki Healers, Masters, Grand Masters, Reiki Families and Reiki Promoters to acknowledge and encourage their achievements in this particular field of Life Sciences.

The award ceremony is organized by Reiki Healing Foundation's USA Chapter every year. This year numerous awards were given to people who achieved excellence in performing Reiki.

The Reiki Awards were classified into nine different categories that include, Best Reiki Family, Best Reiki Grand Master, Best Reiki Master, Best Master Healer, Best Crystal Ball Gazer, Best Past Life Therapist, Best Reiki Couple, Best Reiki Healer and Best Reiki Promoter.   

The Award Ceremony was followed by “Reiki Music Launch”, an album of Reiki songs developed by Reiki Healing Foundation.

Reiki Healing Foundation (RHF), New Delhi, founded in 1992, by Dr. N.K. Sharma, a Veteran Naturopath, is the world's largest organization in the field of Reiki Healing & Mystic Sciences. 

It is the only organization so far in India that has trained more than 1, 27,000 students worldwide. This is world's largest non profitable institute of Holistic Sciences and also the first ISO 9001: 2008 certified Reiki Organization.

The organization was started by Dr. Sharma with the objective of destroying blind beliefs, fears and ignorance and freeing people from the web of - diseases, suffering & superstitions. Various workshops of RHF have revolutionized the way people eat, think & live.

The key message is continuously being spread among the people through the life transforming workshops conducted by the founder and associates across the country and abroad.

The organization and the founder has been a consultant to many prominent personalities of India till date including Film Stars, Saints, Industrialist and Politicians.

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