Become Friends with the Nation

On the occasion of Friendship Day, friends usually mark the day by choosing from a wide plethora of gifts to present to each other.

While we celebrate this fortunate occasion of honouring friends & friendship every year, this Friendship’s Day, has come up with a special way of honouring the friendly bond between an individual and the nation he belongs to.

What better way to acknowledge this bond you share than
by keeping the environment green and healthy which is a truly deserving gift for the nation. Observing this fact, offers huge discounts on cycle/bikes for the people who believe they are and wish to be friends with the nation.

So now you can gift a bike to a friend and in turn, contribute to being environment friendly to your nation!

Friendship Day is a significant time to mark the bond of friendship, a special relation shared among friends.

Other than having friends who are individuals, we also share an exceptional bond of friendship with our nation of which most of us are unaware of. Individuals who look around for unusual and exciting gifts for friends have something really special to gift at

Gifting a cycle/ bike can be a great gesture from and towards friends. Moreover, it poses as an indirect gift to the nation as well by keeping the environment pollution free and evergreen.

This initiative by will help friends to surprise their respective buddies with a thoughtful and useful gift and will also fetch them a new friendship with the ‘Nation’ this Friendship’s Day.

Win appreciation from your friends while you salute the spirit of friendship by letting the nation know you care!

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