Sun Bhai Sadho- tribute to Surdas

Born in the 15th century when the Bhakti movement was sweeping through North India, Surdas immortalized his love for Lord Krishna through his verses of devotion. ‘Ankhiyan Hari Darsan ki Pyaasi’ - a blind saint who couldn’t see the world but yearned for a rendezvous with his God.

Artist Shekhar Sen today brought alive the life and times of Surdas at ‘Sun Bhai Sadho’ – a four day dramatic tribute to the genius of Surdas, Kabirdas and Tulsidas, the saints whose devotional poetry defined the Bhakti period.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheila Dikshit
inaugurated the festival of Bhakti presented by Delhi Government’s Department of Art, Culture & Languages and Hindi Academy, in the presence of Hon’ble Minister for Education, Languages, Social Welfare, Women & Child Development, Prof Kiran Walia; and Vice President, Hindi Academy, Prof Ashok Chakradhar.

The medieval centuries in India produced a remarkable movement of Bhakti poetry personified by legendary saints Surdas and Tulsidas, along with Kabir.
Their life, their poetry and their work is the subject of ‘Sun Bhai Sadho’, the four-day musical presentation that is being held at FICCI Auditorium from 6.30 pm every day from July 16 -19.

A character-based musical-dramatic presentation depicting the lives of the three legendary Bhakti poets, the programme will see the first two days devoted to Surdas.

The man who has brought the three legends to life once again is Shekhar Sen, a versatile artist who is a talented singer, music composer, lyricist as well as actor who has mastered the art of singing the devotional songs of medieval poet saints.

Not only has Sen performed more than 1200 singing concerts all over the world, he has also invented a new style of ‘monoact musical plays’ characterizing the likes of Kabirdas, Tulsidas, Surdas and Vivekananda, among others.

“The Bhakti period that produced legends like Kabirdas, Tulsidas and Surdas was also a golden period for Indian literature as the devotional poetry that emerged from the pens of the Bhakti saints is memorable and everlasting. Much like the writers and poets of repute who enriched Hindi language in later years, the contribution of the saints is immense,” says Dr Harisuman Bisht, renowned author and Secretary of Hindi Academy.

“Sun Bhai Sadho is our attempt to not only highlight their contribution but also remind people how these saints promoted complete devotion to God that included the idea of an all loving approach to mankind as well. Keeping our saints alive is key to keeping our composite and harmonious culture alive,” says Dr Bisht. 

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