Astrological forecast: September 2013

Astrologer Rajkishore

Astrological forecast, Ascendant individual for the Month of September 2013...

Aries (Mesh): first fifteen days of the month of September shall be full of events and action packed for all Aries ascendants. They will witness good positivity and progress on the work/profession front.

They will be able to get their work done by their foresight and ability to take decisions. Some problems might arise on property front and relations with their parents but will not be posing much threat to you.

Some confusion and/or misunderstanding might arise
between life partners or business partners, but luck will favor you and everything will take shape the way you think.

Taurus (Vrishabh): Things might not take turn the way Taurus individuals may have thought of in the coming month of September.

A negative feeling might develop that even after putting all efforts why positive results are not coming. Even for these ascendant first fifteen days could be well paced.

Lady luck will favor only after putting in heavy efforts and hard work. Heavy expenses, health problems, loss of wealth specifically accumulated, some bad news on family front, travelling without fruitful results and loss due to foreign
trade are indicated.

Gemini (Mithun):
Gemini ascendant will have to take care of their body weight/obesity or otherwise that could become one of the main reasons of illness in the coming period.

They should try their best to control the stubborn nature otherwise could lend self in trouble because of that. They should think twice before speaking.

These individuals will get good success on work front. Some youngsters might get involved in affairs or life changing relationship.

Those who are willing to get married may get good opportunity for the same. Female individuals might face blood related problems. Something sudden and unexpected can happen.

Cancer (Kark):
These ascendants may have to travel frequently so keep a check on expenditure front. They may gain due to foreign trade or business with foreigners.
Domestic business could be less profitable for them. September month is a very good time to start a new venture for all cancerians. Lady luck will favor them. They can stand to gain because of females individuals.

Leo (Sinh): Leo ascendants will succeed on almost all fronts because of their own valor and calculated mind and approach.

Almost all the work that has been stalled from last few months may even get completed in the month of September for all Leo ascendant. It’s time to earn good name and fame.

Only thing is that they should keep their calm and control the aggression to get the best results.

Virgo (Kanya)
: September month may bring more expenditure for all Virgo people and source of income might remain the same. Youmay feel frustrated.

Good news related with abroad is in waiting. Business or profession within the national boundaries may yield less fruits for all Virgo individuals. Problems related with eyesight will need immediate attention. They may face trouble or stand to lose because of a female. But new partnership can be good in the comingmonth. Some stalled projects or stopped work can get completed.

Libra (Tula): all Libra ascendant will have to take care of their health. There could be some trouble on work or profession front.

All matters related with property will give positive results. Try your best to control any form of aggression or you could spoil your own image and things can go out of your hands.

Life partner’s health may be an issue in the coming month. Please do not enter in to any type of new partnership for some time or else will have to face a number of difficulties and may stand to lose.

Scorpio (Vrishchik)
: it’s going to be testing time for all scorpions in the coming period. Even after putting in all efforts things might not turn the way you want.

Luck may run out of favor, may lose wealth without any reason so please keep calm for the time being.

Sagittarius (Dhanu):
Sagittarius students will face trouble on education front. All Sagittarians should keep control on their eating schedule and habit or else their stomach or digestive system might create problems for them.

There could be problems as regards the health of children as well. Luck will favor and will stand to gain on work front.

Capricorn (Makar)
: Relation with parents will need more attention. Small illness like cold, cough and fever may create some irritation.

Luck will not favor you much but you will sail through by your courage and dedicated hard work. They may have to face some problems on married life front and should avoid entering in to any type of new relations or partnership.

Aquarius (Kumbh):
Aquarians should control their stubborn nature in the coming month or might create trouble for self because of that.

It’s a good time for new partnership. Bachelors will get good news on new partner’s front and even new business partnership will yield good results.

Excessive fat or body weight could land you in big trouble so take care of that.

Pisces (Meen): it will be an overall average period for all Pisces ascendants.

Good progress on work front and will travel a lot. Please do not enter in to any kind of speculative activity.

Health of children or some other issues related with children may pose some problems to you. You may experience sudden loss of accumulated wealth or
heavy expenditure.

Think twice before concluding anything with a female individual as it could turn out to be negative for you.

all the above discussed details are based on general principle of Astrology and actual effects discussed as above might depend on planetary position in respective Birth chart of individuals.

While all precautions has been taken for the accuracy of complex calculations writer of  this document makes no warranties, either expressed or implied.

Written By: Astrologer Rajkishore
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