Flanders August Event- FLORALIËNTIME

Something beautiful is burgeoning in Brussels. This summer, the EU capital city will be getting a brand new event.

The City of Brussels, the NGO Brussels Flower Carpet and the Floralies of Ghent are joining forces for “Floraliëntime, Brussels flowered by the Floralies of Ghent”, a major international plant and flower arrangement event in Brussels City Hall and at Brussels' Grand Place. The first edition will take place from 15-18 August 2013.

Brussels City Hall will be transformed into
a heavenly walking garden full of colours and scents.

Internationally renowned landscape architects and floral artists will decorate the entrance, boardrooms and reception rooms of the majestic building with the newest creations and arrangement trends, new flower varieties and plants supplied by the Floralies of Ghent.

A relaxation garden will be set up at the Grand Place, where visitors can take a breather.

The driving forces behind Floraliëntime are the City of Brussels, the Flower Carpet Association – which organises the famous Brussels flower carpets –  and the Floralies of Ghent, which has been a pioneer in the Belgian flower and plant art world for centuries. Under this initiative the organisers wish to bring greenery to the residents of Brussels –  into their homes, onto their streets and into their city.

Floraliëntime will take place biannually, alternating with the Flower Carpet event. That way, lovers of greenery will have an annual appointment each summer.

Tickets on sales at the box office; pre-sale tickets available at www.floralientime.be

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