and Renault Scala establish a new mileage record!

The Renault Scala diesel was tanked up on the Pune-Mumbai expressway and driven for a minimum of 60km to be eligible for an entry into Limca Book of Records.

Before the start of the drive, its tank was sealed and checked by Mr. Mrigank Mehrotra, an Indian Army Major and Mr. Sharanayya Kalmath, a qualified automobile engineer who were jointly supervising and auditing the complete record run.

After driving 62.28 km as per a GPS device, the car was again tanked up in the presence of Mr. Mehrotra and Mr. Kalmath and expectedly, the car took in only 1.24 litres of fuel, translating
into a real world economy of 54.15 km/l.

Commenting on the same, Bunny Punia, Head of Content at and piloting the Scala to a record drive said, “Our aim was to showcase that even a modern luxury sedan can deliver high fuel economy under real world driving conditions. The Renault Scala not only excels as far as comfort, space and premium-ness goes, it also delivers in the crucial area of being a frugal and efficient vehicle.”

Ankur Agarwal, Head, New Cars at added “We wanted to do something big with a great car and the Renault Scala was the perfect fit. By partnering with Renault, our idea was to showcase the heights that modern cars can achieve. This will go a long way in establishing those credentials."

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