expands referrals base, a unique referral based recruitment platform, recently expanded their referrers base to 12,000 experienced employees from 2000 reputed companies across India.

The innovative portal currently has 7 Lakhs registered users and its robust network of the listed referrers helps over 1000 individuals each month to obtain referrals for roles and companies of their choice.

The portal provides assistance for nearly 20 sectors in
56 locations pan India, penetrating more than 2000 companies that include some of the biggest names in IT, Banking, KPO, FMCG and allied sectors.

Research and industry experts rate recruitment through employee referrals as the most effective way of landing a job or filling a position. Being a pioneer in facilitating referral based recruitment; the portal creates an innovative process that gives a job seeker direct access to get in touch with their dream organization.

Commenting on the path-breaking innovation, Mr. Nishant Mathur, CEO & said, “We are overwhelmed at reaching out to such a wide network of referrers. A job referral increases an applicant's chance by more than 10 times compared to other channels of recruitment. We hope to consistently increase the conversion with all our potential and also build a stronger network over time.” operates as a simple and merit-base process wherein a job seeker logs in and creates a profile with credentials and has the option to search for a job based on industry, company, location and category.

The platform instantly matches the jobs ascertained by the seeker with openings and finds relevant employees in similar roles or departments that can provide guidance and refer further.

The job seeker chooses the most relevant referrer and shares his/her updated profile for screening. In case, the referrer agrees to speak to the applicant on the basis of the profile, a telephonic interaction is arranged, on the grounds of which the job referral is secured.

The portal's automated scheduling and call forwarding system arranges the interaction without sharing personal details of either party. It is a completely transparent system with all calls being recorded and post the interaction the referrer fills a feedback form that is very valuable for candidates.

This not only informs of the decision the referrer has taken but also sheds light on a person’s strengths and weaknesses with context to a particular role.

In India, Round One has grown 20% month on month and recently the firm has seen considerable traction from both new customers and a jump in repeat purchases which has led to a spike in the conversion rates.

Round One aims to be one of the few Indian start-ups that launch in the US as they set their sights on the American market in the coming months.

Owing to the size of the market and the ease of online payments, the US is a challenging yet high potential market.

The team at Round One comprises of professionals who have been dextrously involved in the development of the concept. The synergy of these experts and their continued association throughout the life cycle of the project forms the backbone of the concept.

The group has the vision to make Round One a global platform for recruitment and networking

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