Shocking but yet not stopping

Anmol Tiwari
It seems that after the 'Damini rape case', people have more likely started gang rapes despite of the more attention provided to the security of women all over the country. But the rapists have become more stubborn and casual towards the gang rapes.

Recent Mumbai gang rape case clearly shows the dare and guts of the culprits who seems to have never heard of Delhi gang rape case.

An endeavoring 23 years old photojournalist of an English
magazine, covering a story on chawls, was raped by five men around 8 pm near Shakti Mills in Lower Parel area of metropolis as if the rapists were intended to give a chilling reminder of The Delhi Gang rape held in December.

While she was shooting, the culprits were continuously asserting desperate comments and were harassing her. Apparently her male friend poked in between and two of those five ravagers tied him up before the sexual assault to the lady.

Police/crime branch is working on the case on the basis of the information provided by the victim and her friend after she has been admitted to the hospital. Severe internal injuries have already crashed her body.

This was not enough when a married woman in Delhi was again raped in Uttam Nagar by three goons. The couple went to mussoorie for honeymoon where they met three betrayers who trapped them against the conspiracy of providing employment to them.

All were in contact after returning back to Delhi and on one unfortunate day they called both of them to Dwarka Mod tangling the husband for a job opportunity. They dropped the husband to the office lying to him that his interview has been lined up after which they raped the wife and thrown both of them to the Nawada are.

The couple reported to police and so the two of the three has been arrested while the third one is still not found. No matter the rapists will be arrested and punished, the fresh injuries they have given to the woman will remind her off the rape all over her life.

The ratio has never come down after such big Delhi Rape case, infact it seems that gangsters have got more guts to spoil somebody’s life so effortlessly.

Rapes are increasing at an alarming rate and nobody can deny the fact that this democratic country, will touch the high sky of unspeakable violence, ignoring the other issues like population and corruption.. ONE DAY

-Anmol Tiwari

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