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Sonali Choudhary
Britain’s 70% citizens don’t want to see Indians & other non-Europeans in their country.
The UGOV & migration watch, UK had done a survey in London which says that 70% of the British people are demanding to limit the seats for outside students.

While 22% are saying that they have no issue with the migration of people.

And unfortunately, Indians are not even welcomed in their own country-part. Then, how could we expect from others to do

Shivs sena & MNS always blame north Indians for the increasement of Mumbai’s population.

The National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) has also done a survey which says maximum people coming to Mumbai are from the rural parts of Maharashtra only.
It has been recorded only 20 to 25% people come from other states.

We have always noticed the menace created over migration of north Indians especially from Bihar & UP by Shiv sena & MNS.

But, the recent report of NSSO is saying something different that every 370 residents of Mumbai out of 1000 are from the rural areas of Maharashtra.

And only 198 come from other states. Apart from the people of Bihar, UP & Orissa people from south & north-eastern India also come to Mumbai.

It also says that a large no. of married women come from rural Maharashtra after marriage.
In every 1000 residents, 538 are these women. Shiv sena & MNS blame north-Indians for the unemployment of Mumbaikars.

In last 2-3 decades, unemployment has risen in Mumbai & Thane, especially because of the shutdown of cloth mills & non opening of new industries.

In 1961, 41% employment rose in production companies where as in 2001, it went down to 20%. So, after production companies, construction companies only have the employment opportunities.

Only 8.5% of Bihar residents, who pick the way to other states, come to Mumbai. While maximum 25.4% go to the north Indian state, Delhi whose percentage is three times of Mumbai.

Ultimately, survey has unlocked the false allegations of Shiv sena & MNS. As outside our country we are outsiders & inside the country also we are still outsiders. So, we have a big question in front of us that “where to go for our survival?”

- Sonali Choudhary

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