Range of IQ watches by Timex

Timex, the leading watch manufacturer in the US has expanded its premium range of revolutionary Intelligent Quartz (IQ) watches.

Known for its sophistication and charm Timex designs watches for every occasion. From the boardroom to the filed Timex has a watch for everyone.
Timex has focused on quality, value
and timeless style creating masterpieces along its way. Timex Group India Limited, one of India’s leading watch makers introduced the ‘Intelligent Quartz’ technology in India with its IQ timepieces last year and since then there have been more additions to its range.

The unmatched success of the brand can be ascribed to its passion for delivering only the most exquisite pieces that are built from relentless hard work and the demand for excellence.  

Known for creating technological marvels, Timex showcases the revolutionary IQ watches across the globe. This is a pioneering technology that allows watches to tell more than just time on a classic analog dial.

An additional fourth center hand and independent sub-dials add advanced functionality and unique complications to each watch driven by the Intelligent Quartz technology.

The result is accurate information and a sophisticated look at a value that only comes from Timex.

The collection is priced between Rs 12495 – Rs 16995. 
Beneath the sophisticated exterior, Timex’s proprietary Intelligent Quartz Technology drives independent motors and digital sensors to give you the world’s smartest analog watch.

Timex Intelligent Quartz technology capitalizes on expertise across the globe. The technology was developed by Timex in Pforzheim, Germany. The iconic, sophisticated case designs were crafted by Timex in Milan, Italy.

The watch major is known for creating masterpieces that appeal to a large audience across the globe. Keeping up to their conviction, Timex Group introduced the revolutionary Intelligent Quartz (IQ) watches.

The IQ range has a variety of marvelous watches to offer. The IQ World Time, Fly-Back Chronograph Compass Movement, Perpetual Calendar Movement, Fly Back Chronograph Movement, Tide Temp Compass Movement, Compass Movement, Altimeter Movement and IQ Depth Gauge to mention just a few.

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