Transit of planet SUN

We hereby, after going through all the details thoroughly and carefully, try our best to determine and explain how Planet SUN will affect different MOONRASHI individuals after changing its position in transit from VIRGO rashi to LIBRA rashi, in absolute summarized manner.

Planet SUN will change the transit from 17th October 2013 and will remain in the same LIBRA
rashi till 16th November 2013.

Planet SUN together with planet VENUS will be Vargottam at the time of transitory changes. Planet RAHU will be in conjunction with planet SUN throughout the transitory phase.

So together will planet SUN, RAHU and VENUS will also be playing very crucial role for all. Planet MERCURY will be retro gate in between this period of transit from 22nd October to 10th November 2013.

MESH: you are advised to think twice before entering in to any kind of new partnership; it can include new marriage proposals as well. If acted impulsively without any deep thinking you may land yourself in deep trouble. Please do take care of eyes and area
around the same. Health of spouse can be an issue of trouble.

VRISHABH: known and unknown enemies may try their best to hinder your growth so be
vigil and do not trust anybody blindly. Unexpected and unforeseen events might crop up to disturb you so be prepared for all that. Problems at work front cannot be ruled out.

please do not indulge in any sort of speculative activities or else you will have
to suffer losses on that front. Do try to avoid any kind of conflict with elderly person at home or office. Over enthusiasm or over ambition may land you in trouble. It’s time to stay calm and cool.

KARK: health of any one of the parents might be cause of worry or big tension.
Chances are very much that you may not agree on certain matters with your superiors. But good to very good progress is expected on work front.

SINH: we hereby advise you to please take extreme precautionary measures to keep
your health in proper shape and condition. Do avoid any kind of conflict with friends and
colleagues as well as on work front. Practice restraint on your emotions for the time being.

KANYA: we do advise here that you should exercise restraint on your habit of speaking
bluntly and boldly or else it might land you in very awkward position. Please take care of
your health specifically certain body parts like face and legs. Your health will need utmost

TULA: any kind of new partnership will be fruitful and productive so one can think
about starting new venture with new partners. Good time for Librans to get married if it is
due. Health of self and spouse will need some attention.

VRISHCHIK: all small and big entrepreneurs may have to face some problems on business and work front. Unexpected matters might crop up that will need immediate attention. If not resolved immediately, may throw things out of gear for the time being. Do hear to your own instincts only that will help you sail through the tough situation.

any uneasiness in certain body parts like hand and shoulder, and problems
related with blood circulation should be carefully dealt with. Speculative activities can fetch you average returns. Misunderstanding or differences of opinion with parents cannot be ruled out.

MAKAR: you are expected to perform exceedingly well on all fronts including work,
home and studies if you are a student. You might come in contact with a number of very
influential and big people. But do try to maintain harmonically relations with elderly people.

your own instincts and thought process will help you sail through any situation
that arises on work as well as on home front. Out and out a good period for you but do not fall prey to others advice. Try to make most out of this good period.

: you are advised to take care of you health and your relations with your spouse.
Some sudden and unexpected things may create trouble for you. But do not worry much as you will sail through.

NOTE: while all precautions have been taken for the accuracy of the complex calculations, writer of this document makes no warranties either expressed or implied.

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