Music is my only passion- Nishchal Zaveri

Mr. Nischal Zaveri – passionate Singer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Music Producer and MD of ENZY Studios (1st venture by Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Entertainment Pvt. Ltd).

Nishchal Zaveri’s passion towards music and love for India has led in conceptualizing and bringing to life “ENZY Studios” the state of the art music
recording, and pre/post production Studio which can boast of being one of the India’s building stone of Musical infrastructure. It is the only studio which paints hope with the brush stoke of stardust for the upcoming artist and an achievable arrangement for musician. He chose to come back to India and give all his best where it belonged.

Introduced to music by his grandfather Padmashree Kishorebhai Zaveri, at the young age of 2, with the unusual gift of Tabla, Nishchal chose never to look back. His Guru Mr. VP Mishra mentored Nishchal and at the age six he pursued his passion in Hindustani Classical music vocals (Pt. Bhimsen Joshi’s Kirana Gharana). The child prodigy and India’s star talent, Nishchal, took his training in Hindustani Classical Vocals and Tabla from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad (Prabhakar). He also studied Piano at KM Music Conservatory, Chennai (A.R.Rahman’s Institute).

He relishes experimenting with music and playing all-Western and Indian kind of musical instruments like Tabla, Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. As a producer Nishchal Zaveri believes in using his unique compositional manner to produce quality music and as an artist he wants to keep the soul of music alive and inspire people as he shares his stories.

There are a lot of stories to be unfolded from why music, to why India to getting the most required love and support from the India’s leading jeweler family.  Here in a very candid e-mail interview to Hitendra Gupta, the versatile artiste opens up on host of issues.
Extracts from the Exclusive Interview:

Q- Tell us something about yourself ?
A- My name is Nishchal Zaveri and music is my only passion.

Q- When did you know you wanted to become a singer?
A- I have enjoyed singing from the age of 6, having started my music as a singer and going on to become a graduate from Prayag Sangeet Samiti. In my college studies I realized music was my true passion and that I wanted to become a music composer. My direction in music changed and I drifted towards composition and music production but I still love to sing.

Q- Tell me how you got your break in this industry?
A- I think that the people in this industry have been kind enough to accept ENZY. I am still figuring my way into the industry and growing with every step I take in it.

Q- When did it become clear to you that this is what you wanted to do?
A- I was in my second year of my Engineering Degree at the prestigious Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia USA. I joined a band called OCE, and I realized at that point that music was what I wanted to do. Since then there has been no looking back.

Q- What are the top 5 things every singer-musician must be top notch at? Is there such a thing?
A- Every musician needs to be able to connect to music and most importantly be true to it. Whatever instrument (voice included) the musician plays; they must be able to give enough time and practice to it. There must be passion and dedication. And you must be true to yourself in your musical journey.

Q- Who are the people in career that you depend on most ?
A- I depend on my team, my family and myself. Since opening ENZY one of the things Im most proud of is that people who have done work with ENZY and recorded at ENZY are happy with the sound and quality of work that comes out of my studio and are coming back to record and  for compositions…. As we continue to grow; that and continuing to represent creativity and quality is what I will depend on.

Q- How did you feel about the song back then and how do you feel about it now?
A- Im excited to be launching Tham Jaa. The first of two singles I plan to release by November end.

Q- You're a singer, an entrepreneur, and musician, and you do a whole lot of other things. What do you do when you are not ENZY Studios?
A- When I am not ENZY Studios I think about ENZY Studios, or really balancing the different roles I’m currently playing.

Q- You're singer, songwriter, and music composer. Which do you enjoy doing the most?
A- Can’t pick one favorite. All of them require a different skill set but yet all of them are closely connected. I primarily consider myself a composer/producer. In today’s time, singer, engineer, songwriter are necessary art forms to know in order to become an all-rounded musician.

Q- Please tell us a little about where your career has taken you since set-up Enzy. What are your proudest moments?
A- I have been very grateful that the music industry has welcomed ENZY and me with open arms. Everyone who has left ENZY has only said genuine good things about it. Everyday that musicians come to ENZY to work and says good things about it is a proud moment for me. I also feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such talent.

Q- What was your scariest moment as a singer-musician?
A- My first time on stage at a school competition was a nightmare. Ill never forget it. I completely was a nervous wreck and sang the entire composition out of tune, forgetting lyrics along the way. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

Q- What was the audience reaction?
A- Well, there were laughs, luckily they all came afterwards. and my results in the competition only helped increase the laughter.

Q-If you had a month off to do what you want, what would it be?
A- At the moment I can’t even imagine a day off because every day is so vital for the growth of ENZY and myself. I’m loving what I’m doing every single day.

Q- How do you begin your day?
A- I wake up, work out, shower and leave for work.

Q-Which musician in your journey has inspired your love of music to the extent that you wanted to establish ENZY Studios?
A- I am inspired by many musicians of many different musical genreas and styles. All musicians that are true to their craft interest me. I have spent a lot of time studying music and learning the so-called ‘rules’ of music; the foundation…. Learning and understanding the foundation is important so I can then go out and create my own musical path.

Q- Who is most talented composer/ singer in present time?
A- Its’ not possible for me to pick one in either category as the most talented in present time; or anytime; not when it comes to talent. There are many composers with different strengths, as there are singers. There are different things I like in different composers, and certain songs that resonate.

Q- Classical music era is almost over in our film industry ? What is your take on this decline?
A- Classical music is the foundation of all the music that happens in the industry. It might have been clouded by other music but it will always be a part of the industry through singing style or compositional style etc. There will be a time not far from now where a revival in classical music will take place. Like people go back to fashion, similar situation will occur in the music scene.

Q- What else can we be expect from you ?
A- More music. And lots of collaborations.

Q- Where do you see yourself in the years ahead?
A-I love composing and producing and I will continue to do so. People will keep hearing my music through singles, films, other artists, etc…Lot’s and lots of music!

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