Punjabi Food Festival- Bangalore

The most strikingly vibrant elements of Punjabi culture are set to be brought alive by Grand Mercure Bangalore, at the upcoming Punjabi food festival.

The concept of this special food festival is
about celebrating everything that’s strikingly reminiscent of Punjabi culture – from a hearty spread of the choicest Punjabi food to snapshots of rural Punjab, complete with dhol wala, Bhangra dancers, live kebabs, pottery and henna counter.

Nestled in the plush environs of Koramangala, Punjabi Food Festival is to be brought alive and to be adorned with a thatched roof counters and a distinct rural ambience.

This unique food festival is on at 12th Main Restaurant, Grand Mercure, 12th Main, 3rd Block Koramangala from 09 November to 17 November, 2013. The weeklong festival is a treat of the glorious flavors of Punjab with an extensive range of mouth watering dishes. 

True to its worldwide credo of highlighting the best of culture where each of the hotels operate, Grand Mercure Bangalore has conceived Punjabi Food Festival as a true Punjabi hinterland experience, with ample helpings of lip-smacking food capturing the finest delicacies of the region, bhangra dancers performing to the irresistible rhythm of the dhol, flavoured with the most strikingly distinct elements that depict the unique hues of Punjabi culture.

Punjabi cuisine is strongly influenced by the Mughal rulers who brought with them the tradition of the great Tandoor and now Punjabi tandoori cooking is celebrated as one of the most popular cuisine throughout the world.

Being an agricultural state the staple food of Punjab is wheat and accompanying hot rotis and parathas come a variety of the most exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, each characterized with an earthy, unique and robust flavour.

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