Best deal on hotel reservations

Corporate travelers don’t always have the luxury to plan their travel months in advance. When a meeting suddenly gets scheduled at the 23rd hour or an employee realises at the last minute about a conference that she absolutely must attend, it’s not always easy to find your staff a hotel within the stipulated

But with’s online reverse auctioning solution, the convenience of finding a hotel that suits the standards of your organization and fits perfectly into the pre-defined budget, is now a possibility.

The vision at has always been to make the hotel booking process simpler by focussing on the customer’s user experience and by providing real value to them while being a catalyst in the business growth of their hotel partners. This commitment is now being taken a step further with the initiative on business solutions. will allocate a single-point resource for every client company in the form of an account manager who will be responsible for all bookings for that company.  The company only needs to inform the manager about the expectations and budget and let the manager find the employees the best options that suit all requirements without over-shooting the company’s budget.

Enterprises are greatly benefitted from this initiative as it helps them cut costs on their regular hotel booking expenditure because of the most competitive prices offered by They also get the option of over 10,000 hotel options across India, including serviced apartments and guest houses.
The hotels enjoy brisker business, new patronage and more loyalty and travellers get to stay in a place that meets their expectations without the company going overboard on its expenses, making this a clear win-win for all!

The unique and quirky hotel booking site has fast become popular with business and leisure travellers alike since its inception earlier this year.  With its unique selling proposition of ‘Find My Stay @ My Price’, the site allows users to book a hotel at exactly the price they wish to pay for their stay. Unlike the standard list of options that most travel websites come up with, the bidding system is a unique and unmatched offering by

The next time you find yourself in a tight spot and are looking for accommodation for your company on an immediate basis, all you need to do is call your account manager and let him do the rest for you.’s offline solutions will ensure timely bookings through an entirely transparent process

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