Paras Celebrates World Thallasemia Day

Dr VP Choudhry, Director Hematology Division, addressing the patients in the OPD area on World Thalassemia day. Dr VP Choudhry disseminated information about the effects, reasons and treatment modalities that the patients are to follow.

In Paras Hospitals all Thalassemic patients are given assistance
through the Pahuja Trust.
The hospital provides blood transfusion at a nominal cost of Rs 300 and the blood is tested by latest technology and state-of –the –art infrastructure- NAT Test.

The tested blood is provided to them also on a subsidized rate of Rs 500/-.

According to Dr VP Choudhry,” The blood that is provided to the patients are without in lieu of donations, this is an important fact as the biggest difficulty for the patients is to provide replacement blood.”

Dr VP Choudhry also stated that till date 45 patients have availed the facilities provided by the hospital and the trust. He also stated that Paras Hospitals provides free consultation to these patients and aims at creating maximum awareness for the rare disease.