Celebrate your sex life with exotic products

India’s first sex products selling portal i.e. www.thatspersonal.com has initiated exotic products, thus now accentuate your sex life with an oomph factor. According to www.thatspersonal.com, 31 percent of women and 69 percent of men buy the sex products from them.

Try this erotic experimentation in your bedroom, introduce your partner with wild, romantic and seductive pleasures which will help in adding a new romantic pleasure to your love-making.

According to
Samir Saraiya, CEO, www.thatspersonal.com, “We have the most discreet way of delivering the products, Confidentiality is the one thing we are most fanatical about. From using unmarked, unbranded boxes for delivery, to introducing Customer Self Pick-up in a few pin codes across the country, we are committed to maintaining discretion at every step of the shopping and delivery process.  We don’t even use the name, ‘ThatsPersonal’ in our return address, instead we use our corporate name ‘Digital E-Life Pvt. Ltd.’ Even your credit card statements will have the latter mentioned as the merchant name.  You can find out more about our legendary discretion by browsing through our ‘Privacy Policy’.”

Some of the exotic products are -
Voulez Vous Lip Gloss - Apply it sensually and let him feel the different sensations of hot and cold when you kiss him and imagine his surprise as you please him with your mouth.

Shunga - Garden of Edo Organic collection set - A collection full of natural fragrances that promote wellbeing and sexual wellness. Envelope yourself in the soothing embrace of oils and liniments that have played a great role promoting meditative tranquillity and sexual energy for thousands of years.

Shunga Exotic fruit massage candle - Lighting aroma candles to increase passion is passé –here is a candle to take your passion to another level: an all in one massage and ambience candle. Tease your beloved with gentle massage with oil from this candle. When lit the candle generates mildly warm oil with no fear of getting burnt. The soy, coconut & almond oils soften and nourish the skin, and do not clog pores.

X on the lips - It is made with 100% natural botanical ingredients and essential oils, infused with pheromones to make the person wearing it feel sexy and help attract someone to kiss. It is gender-friendly! The pheromone blend attracts both men and women, so it works for gay and straight couples alike!

Shunga - Oriental Body Slide-It is a perfect formula to add play and excitement to your sex life. Once the gel is poured onto the two naked bodies, it creates an intoxicating and aphrodisiac effect. The skin turns silky-smooth and transforms tender caresses into sensual touches. This oriental body-to-body massage is an intensely sensual and pleasing erotic experience, where two bodies, in almost complete weightlessness, move effortlessly against each other in a slip-and-slide motion.

Moods Crezendo - A condom with a vibrating Ring- A unique and premium condom with a vibrating ring, Crezendo is set to get couples tingling in anticipation. Perfect for couples who are constantly on the lookout to adding adventure to their bedroom adventures. These condoms are sure to add 'magic vibes' and intensify the carnal act by introducing you to newer and more desirable sensations.

Bijoux Indiscrets Lolly Pop - A flavoured candy to be shared and licked by the two of you simultaneously. It is a sugary treat for two, inspiring unforgettable moments and climaxing in sweet kisses. This double ended Lollypop is designed for couples to suck each end at the same time. With the short stick between each end it brings the couple in very close quarters of each-other. Content: lollipop for two with strawberry and sparkling wine flavour.

Fetishes can be just the thing your sex life needs in order to be all that it can be. Remember with a vivid imagination and a little playfulness, your lovemaking can be elevated to a whole new level.

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