Journey- Vandana Arora

I travel
to the inner recesses of my soul,
to the bowels of my mind,
to the alleys of my heart.
I fear not the darkness within:
an abundant glow there-in.
Outside world blinds me
with manipulation and deception.

My inner cosmos gives peace and exhilaration.
Striding with others’ abruptly remodelled priority
leaves me exasperated and weary.
O! My self-dearie,
you beckon me into your secure city.

 Eternal Wait

You peeled me layer by layer,
abandoned me all bare.
You stirred my soul
walked away leaving me cold.
You touched my heart
then tore me apart.
Your presence was bliss,
absence has put me in a fix.
You ignore me
that is crystal clear.
But there is something
you don’t want to share.
We met, united,
disconnected; yet we are attached.
Love never depletes
but love doesn’t intrude.
Love waits and waits and waits...

- Vandana Arora