Bridge Street Global Hospitality-Redefines Serviced Apartments

BridgeStreet Residences, Serviced Apartments and Suites – the leading international hospitality solution offering serviced apartments, debuts a refreshed brand concept and name, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, effective immediately.

The launch introduces an industry-leading family of brands including six distinct serviced apartment experiences ranging from six- to two-star

The newly rebranded company directly addresses sector-wide challenges, including fragmentation and a lack of service offering consistency, historically creating a barrier between consumer expectations and the end product, as detailed in this year’s HVS ‘Here to Stay’ Report. “The industry still faces some profound challenges, primarily because it remains fragmented,” wrote Arlett Oehmichen and Veronica Waldthausen of HVS. “It is critical for the extended stay industry to develop classification and accreditation schemes to create a more consistent and homogenous product, which will help to educate the end user.”

Pioneering the movement to generate a common language within the serviced apartment segment, the launch of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality creates transparency and a clear product understanding for consumers and clients. The experienced BridgeStreet team led by Chief Executive Officer Sean Worker is forging the solution-driven concept of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, bringing definition to the growing sector by identifying each product offering as a brand extension. This timely rebranding clarifies the serviced apartment space from a visual and price standpoint, aligning more with a hospitality vernacular and travel language widely understood by the masses.

“BridgeStreet Global Hospitality conforms to consumer aspirations and expectations of how a brand should communicate and interface with them,” said Sean Worker. “With our goal to provide inspiration to evolve the serviced apartment sector, BridgeStreet is conforming to the travel language our consumers, employees and supply chain can easily understand, along with a degree of sophistication.”

BridgeStreet Global Hospitality guests choose from six brands within the family to best fit their needs:

*Exclusive by BridgeStreet: Exquisite six-star quality provides guests with the ultimate red carpet treatment at iconic, signature buildings in key international locations.

*Residences by BridgeStreet: Five-star luxury residences that are sophisticated, but not stuffy, provide impeccable personalized service combined with unsurpassed amenities, resulting in memorable, effortless experiences in prime city centers.

*ApartHotels by BridgeStreet: Four-star experiences for the new generation – travelers who are social, connected and always on the move – bringing together the authentic hospitality of a locally grown, full-service hotel and the freedom, space and comfort of apartment living.

*Living by BridgeStreet: Spacious, stylish, and practical four-star accommodations in a more casual residential setting that offer travelers an independent lifestyle with plenty of space to work and relax.

*Places by BridgeStreet: Giving young professionals and families exactly what they need without extra frills, this three-star brand offers a no fuss, affordable approach to a fresh, bright and reliable serviced apartment experience

*Stüdyo by BridgeStreet: Providing life’s essentials at a budget price, this two-star brand is equipped with fully functional kitchens and on-site laundry, offering a place to sleep, eat, work and relax.

Whether guests plan to stay three days, three weeks or three years, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality meets every need for a home away from home. Moving from corporate housing to a genuine hospitality experience, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality ensures the authenticity of each brand – Exclusive, Residences, ApartHotels, Living, Places and Stüdyo – meeting the demand for product clarification and price point differentiation.