Smart electricity management solution in Noida by UPPCL

PVVNL,the distribution arm of UPPCL for Western Uttar Pradesh, has successfully conducted a pilot on Smart Electricity Management solution.

It is first of its kind, as the existing meters or any other infrastructure element are not required to be changed. The solution uses the advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and makes the existing infrastrucre Smart by adding intelligent modules to it.

This solution offers vast options to DISCOMS for energy
management and will be a boon to both DISCOMS and consumers equally.Post sucessful testing of this solution in Noida Sector-30, PVVNL is now planning to deploy such solution at 50,000 consumer meters in Noida.

This landmark new system heralds an era of smart electricity and the optimum use of power, a facility which has always eluded both consumers and the power suppliers. “It means there will be investment protection as existing meters are used. It also incorporates theft detection with real time alerts which will help in bringing down the commercial losses,” explainedby Shri Arvind Rajvedi , SE – Noida of PVVNL.

The new system will take care of load management for flattening the peak demand and will also carry out an energy audit and load forecast to ensure steady and quality supply to consumer,” he added.

This means problems like wrongful reporting of meter status, incorrect and incomplete meter reading and reading of even ghost/non-existing consumers will now be taken care of, thanks to the new system. “This system signals the end to incorrect and delayed bills which on one hand was a customer grievance and on other delayed revenue realization to utility. It ushers in transparency whereby there will be no excess or wrong billing, timely bill generation and timely replacement of faulty meters,” said Rajvedi, Superintending Engineer from  PVVNL.

It is a win-win situation for the consumer as the system provides real time alerts (up to consumer level) for faults like low voltage, power outage, meter faulty, low power factor etc.For the consumer, things could not have been simpler. Online monitoring of their consumption will help in optimizing the total spend on electricity. It also helps in improving power consumption and avoid PF penalty.

This system, though initially introduced in Noida has a vast potential to take care of the needs of the power starved nation. The best part of the system is that it does not require separate infrastructure to operate. It intelligently works on the existing system with minor changes here and there.

Consumer Benefit
-Online monitoring of consumption &optimizing total spend on electricity.
-Monitoring of power factor&PF penalty.
-Transparency in billing.

-Prepaid mode
-Automatic and on demand meter reading
-Demand Side Management
-Remote automatic / manualdisconnection/reconnection
-Energy Audit
-Consumer Portal and apps
-Deviation notification