Beauty With Brains Nausheen

Sweet, pleasant, agreeable Nausheen is a kashmiri name the real meaning is: NAU: meaning new and SHEEN: meaning snow In Kashmir (India) every year on the first snowfall people greet each other as Nausheen mubarak (congrats on the new snowfall) the first one to greet gets a treat from the family Nausheen as a name is loaded with lots of meaning as first snow describes the person with this name will be cool, fresh, pleasant, artistic, fair(in all meanings) and most importantly it
brings happiness to the whole region at least once a year to linger on with this happiness throughout the year.

Nausheen based in Delhi, Graduate in Bachelor of Journalism in Mass Communication I Started my career with events, five years of experience in events management now working as a freelance with so many companies, agencies, brands,  etc. as a manager and anchor.

EVENTS: Organize & manage Events, Conferences, Weddings, Road Shows, Brand Promotions, Stall making, Product Launches, Entertainment & Cultural Shows etc .

Also provide Event Support Services, like Décor, Stage Setup, Back Drops, Sound System, Professional artists like: Anchors / Emcees, DJ, Local Folk Artists; A.V. Equipments, etc
PARTICIPATION: Passion and hobby is Anchoring love to entertain people with words, expressions, smile, games, and gossips.

My life works on the motto of "Selfless Love”!! All I want to see is happy faces around me & I put my best foot forward in order to make my audience smile...

I have this urge to learn new things & implement them in my work. The hunger to learn & experience anew everyday brought me into Events line. I gradually became an Anchor, now ruling a few hearts.

DREAMS: Old Age Home ‘Serve the living temple of God' by attending their needs, wounds and agony at the dusk-time of their life. Free care and shelter service to elderly people. Maintain and run welfare homes for the orphans, destitute old aged, mentally and physically challenged etc., for the welfare of the society. Health care facilities to the poor/backward destitute old aged.

FRIEND MOTIVATION HELPS ME IN EVERY SITUATION:(Hamid Mazhar Zaidi) says: The power of your beauty is the world's greatest gift the heaviest boulder it could easily lift. A girl this perfect I never knew all that changed the moment I see you. Heaven on Earth I was not aware until I see a girl that was crafted with such care. You would be the answer to a prayer if someone asked for something rare with beauty to spare. If I had a choice I would choose this girl over air for air can't compare to a girl not found elsewhere.

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