Bharat-Reshma Entertainment Show

In an overt endorsement of union minister Menaka Gandhi's association with Akshay kumar starrer movie Entertainment which depicts responsible animal management, Designer duo Bharat Reshma Grover have put their best put forward through their new line, cuts and styles. 

Designers have dedicated a special line for Akshay Kumar portraying their compassion towards animals through their fashion sense. The designers have a record in
the past for being associated with several philanthropic causes the most recent was for saving tiger.

They have come forward to shower their love and compassion on the pet. The Designers had a meet and greet time followed by a tete a tete with Akshay and conveyed for the success of his movie and wished him all the best for his future projects. Akshay reciprocated on the same lines and expressed his desire to be associated with them in the future too.

Akshay even quoted that, "The collection is very unique and out of box, reflecting the true sense of movie and compassion for animals." He also praised designers self sense of styling.

The clothing line offers sporty, casual, athletic and peppy look bearing symbols and motifs signifying the animal cause and will be identified with love for philanthropy.

Bharat n Reshma have picked up the cudgels for animals and this is an endeavor to highlight the compassionate side of the designer couples as they have decided to raise funds through sale for animal welfare. This will be another feather in the cap of this frontline designer couple.