Scholarships for Indian Students

Global Financial Education (GFS), a digital platform that provides financial education solutions to universities, schools, corporations, libraries and individuals, announces exclusive scholarships worth $ 1,000,000 for Indian students.  It is also offering discounts from 50% to 70% on all its courses between 15th of September to 15th November, 2014.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students have to fill up a form which would be available at the website. The first 200 students who will get a score of over 95 will get a scholarship of $500 each for
a GFS package of courses. 

Commenting on the occasion,Dan Farhi, VP Business Development at GFS says, “Personal Finance Ensures Your Financial Safety. The educational landscape of the country has been witnessing major technological advancements. Our mission is to provide superlative digital education at the most competitive rates to all aspiring students and educational Institutions. GFS has entered into the Indian market with offerings tailored to suit the specific educational Eco-system of the country. Within the next three years it aspires to become one of the leading e-learning companies in India."

Not only global trends suggest but youth in India are also grappling with intense financial management issues. The absence of adequate knowledge and financial education in the literary system often leaves individuals confused and influence their attitude and behavior towards money management. With high income rate and negligible savings today’s youth are unprepared for future days of retirement; college drop-out rates rise due to lack of understanding as to how to manage loans. While billions are spent in consumer marketing various products like credit cards, home equity products & car loans etc.., a negligible amount is spent on financial education, tools needed to deal with financial decisions ahead in life. Financial literacy is also important for job readiness and through the on-line programs of GFS, one is equipped to compete in foreign countries of U.S.A & U.K and the students enrolling will be certified by GFS.

 The forms will be available between 15th of September and 15th November, 2014. Global Finance School publishes two categories of products, namely e-books and interactive courses focusing on Finance, Management and Economics. The platform hosts both basic on-line courses as well as advanced courses, including MBA degrees. All products are written and designed by experts with more than 30 years of experience in financial literature.

About Global Finance School
Global Finance School (GFS) is a leading e-learning company providing financial education solutions to universities, schools, corporations, libraries and individuals. The platform provides interactive courses and e-books in Finance, Management and Economics, written and designed by experts with more than 30 years of experience in financial literature.

The GFS e-books are illustrated and written in straightforward language. They can be used for self-learning or as complementary material to any type of formal education. The interactive courses include on-line lessons, accompanied with review questions, videos, web links and other activities. The GFS On-line Learning Center enables tracking of progress and grades and enables institutional customers to add their logo and extra material to the learning environment.

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