The Magic of Greek Myths

Taking his ardour for fashion to the next level, designer Lalit Dalmia held a preview of his collection ‘The Magic of Greek Myths’. Inspired by the Greek gods and the myths around them, the collection is the perfect interpretation of the richness and beauty of Greek mythology.

“This collection is extremely special for us. It’s experimental and fresh and the result is a beautiful assortment of luxurious gowns with a
traditional twist” said Lalit Dalmia about his collection.

Influences have been taken from Greek Mythology, keeping in mind the beautiful Helen of Troy and Pan, god of nature and the wild. Beautiful vintage cuts are marked with flowing silhouettes and trails. Rich fabrics in black, gold, violet, pink and green, adorned by luxurious zardozi keep the royalty intact

At the heart of everyday life in Ancient Greece, mythology was the source of pride, the base to explain emotions, nature and culture. Gods, heroes and pristine women, The Magic of Greek Myths will not only suave you back to 5th century BC but will also put you to thought whether it was an illusion or verity.

About the designer:
Lalit Dalmia is a self taught talent with a powerful and unique vision. Taking luxury to its zenith, his designs are for the woman of today – elegant yet with a contemporary outlook. Lalit discovered his love for fashion design when he started assisting in the family business of high end garments.

Intrigued by fabrics and the thrill of creating his own designs, Lalit took on a stronger role to reach the heart of haute couture. His collections are glamorous and sophisticated fusing a cultural myriad of fashion influences to give a distinctive and modern edge to his designs. 

He experiments with the central theme of feminity and romanticism, Mughal and Victorian era clothing – designs that are cut to the curve with soft edging and exquisite detailing.

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