Diabetic Retinopathy may cause sudden loss of eyesight

Leading eye healthcare provider from past 37years -Chhattisgarh Eye Hospital organized free consultation camps for the patients suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy today on the occasion of World Sight Day at its center in Telibanda with slogan “madhumeh hai dristi ka chor; ankhon ki jaanch kareye, sao(100) kaam chhod”.

To create awareness, patients were also educated about
the symptoms and precautions of this disease which is common in people with high blood sugar level. More than 500 people from entire Chhattisgarh availed free consultation and check up benefits from the camp making it huge success.

If you are a diabetic patient and you notice sudden blindness, blurred vision or shapes floating in your field of vision then there is a chance that you are suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy and you should immediately consult eye specialist for sure.

Dr Abhishek Mehra, Eye Specialist, Chhattisgargh Eye Hospital on examining the patients commented that “ Patients have very casual approach towards the eye treatment. More than 50% of the turns over today were observing the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy from quite long. Everyone with diabetes who is 12 years of age or over should go for screening once a year. As retinopathy can cause sudden blindness, it needs to be identified and treated as soon as possible. During the initial stages, retinopathy does not cause any noticeable symptoms. You may not realize that your retina is damaged until the later stages, when your vision becomes affected.”

Dr Ranjana Mehra, Director, Chhattisgarh Eye Hospital on completion of the camps said that “We have worked for the betterment of community since past 37years and our endeavor is to bring high cost quality treatment within the reach of common man. On this World Sight day, we have organized this camp so that we can educate and help more and more people to fight with the preventable cause of blindness. We with our seasoned and experienced doctors have made an effort to help the community. We aim to reduce the risk of vision loss in people with diabetes.”
About Chhattisgarh Eye Hospital:

Pride of Chhattisgrah, a registered hospital since 1977 - Chhattisgarh Eye Hospital has established its name as one of the best centers for the treatment of eye. Founded by Late Dr Vijay Mehra, the hospital has set benchmark in providing best eye care services par excellence to the facilities available in metros.

So, far hospital has treated 10,55,775 patients and has at restored sight to 1,11,574 patients. Out, of this 60% work is free of cost. The institution has 10 research paper to its credit.The first epidemiological study of incidence of cataract blindness was conducted by Dr.Vijay Mehra.
Chhattisgarh Eye Hospital Raipur in collaboration with international center of Eye Health London which said that 3.8 million go blind every year due to cataract . Keeping this in mind many international and national programme have been planned.

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