Shine in this wedding season

The wedding season is upon us and how if it's not a wedding in the family, then it's either a friend's wedding or a colleague's. Almost everyone has an invitation or two to attend in the months ahead, so it's a good idea to know exactly what to wear and what to avoid.

"No matter what, the bride should always look best," says designer Sayesha Malhotra. "During the wedding season, I am usually approached by an
entire family to design a wardrobe. It is not just the bride that I design for, but also her mother, her sisters, her cousins and sometimes even her friends. The focus is always the same-on making the bride stand out. However, that doesn't mean that the sisters, cousins and friends have to look any less attractive," she adds.

These days, there's no need for anyone to be badly dressed at a wedding. Especially if it's your best friend's wedding. Of course, it is the bride's big day and while no one should try to steal the show but there's no need to be dull and blank either. With the wide variety of western outfits that are now available for guests attending a wedding, the usual Kanjeevarams and Banarasi silks can be replaced easily.

A fashion check for everyone by designer Sayesha Malhotra- Owner Fashion Brand Saipri
•    FOR PRE-WEDDING(Cocktail/Bachelorette)- A gown with side slits and flowing cuts or a ultra modern piece with frill chiffons sleeves with yellow gold embroidery
•FOR ENGAGEMENT – A trail gown in bright colours with subtle embroidery and hand work with net detailing is the trend this season

•FOR RECEPTION-You can ask for princess style gown with long side trails or back trails and layered fabrics.

Colours like golden, royal blue, sea green and bubble pink are hot favourite for this seasons.

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