Tagger introduces Backpack

The Principal is a tough looking backpack. Tagger bags’ New Backpacks are all about individual style and choice.

Made of super strong 600D Polyester, features comfortable padded non-slip shoulder straps, handy front pocket with zipper closing, MP3 player pocket inside and water-resistant headphone opening. 

Fits the every backpack with the front and the back
panel. This collection is inspired by street art and culture; you can build your own bag in just seconds. The unique Zip 360°™ zipper has been especially designed by Tagger and zips the front & back parts together.

The Tagger bags are being imported in India by Mr. Dharmender Kumar, Managing Director of Grin Brands and he says, “The whole idea behind importing Tagger bag to India is the conceptualized designs which are very unique and innovative. Every bag is unique and it allows you to break with static, embrace dynamic and express your individuality.

About Tagger-
It all started in 2003 when Peter van Veldhoven created the concept of an instant customizable product. 2 years later - in 2005 - the first Tagger Messenger Bag was born, using the highest quality materials, expressive colors and designs at affordable prices.

The brand became an instant hit, quickly expanding from Holland, to Europe, into Asia and the USA. After just 7 years, over 200.000 different Tagger bags can be built. With new styles and designs that are added regularly, we assure the brand's unique appeal in years to come.

Here at Tagger, we strive for the highest quality achievable whilst still keeping our bags affordable. Combined with a safe and healthy working environment, good pay for our workers at our production facilities, this is a constant challenge.

To give you a better undstanding of all the steps taken, we will give you some insight in that process a Tagger product goes through, from start to finish.

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