Ferroli launches Wi-Fi enabled water heaters

If you are looking to equip your home with next-gen energy efficient and smart technology appliances, the new Ferroli water heater is a must buy for your bathroom.

Italian multinational giant and world leader in water heating solutions, Ferroli has just launched its premium range of water heaters in India. Ferroli water heaters provide the highest energy efficiency, 10% higher than the current BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) standards, resulting in significant power and
cost savings for Indian consumers.

Ferroli is also the first Wi-Fi enabled water heater to be launched in India. You can conveniently set water temperature, time for water heating, shower time display and other smart features, all through your mobile phone.  In fact, Ferroli is a must have appliance in new age, energy efficient, smart homes.

Both the newly launched ranges, CALDO and MITO are custom designed to suit Indian weather conditions and changing consumer preferences. Starting from a price as low as Rs 3000 for the smallest instant model, Ferroli has the widest range of water heaters for domestic and commercial use.

The Ferroli range will be distributed across more than 1000 sanitary ware and home appliance retailers across India in a phased manner. Available in two attractive colours, white and ivory.
Ferroli water heaters are a perfect blend of efficient functionality, smart technology and aesthetically appealing design, all at a great price! Speaking of the launch, Alok Rathi, Managing Director for Ferroli South Asia said, “Indian consumers are receptive to products with cutting edge technology and design, more than ever before. More importantly, their awareness and adoption of eco-efficient, energy saving products is high. The patented ‘Blue Forever’ ultra-strong heating technology used in Ferroli water heaters is designed to reduce scaling, enhance heating efficiency and increase the life of the heater in hard water areas, most suitable for India market. We are confident Ferroli will redefine the standards for water heating appliances in India.”

About Ferroli
Established in 1955 in Verona, Italy by Dante Ferroli, the Ferroli Group is a European multi-national giant which manufactures domestic and industrial heating, air-conditioning and water heating products.  Today, the Group has a turnover of about Rs. 4,500 crore and operates in over 100 countries, worldwide, with 3,000 employees, 13 plants, 6 R & D Centres and a significant number of trading offices.  Ferroli continues to strengthen its position in the industry with a strong commitment to design innovation build quality and carbon reduction.

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