Just Friends…

Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
Once he was her best friend. They used to fight, quarrel and sometimes she had her basket of complaints and he used to make her happy by something or the other.

They used to have late night conversations, endless meetings; they had it all. Just friends, that's what they were.

She had great hopes from him, she had her own expectations from him but he thought his friendship with her was too casual and nothing more
than that.

She was too sensitive that little things used to hurt her but somehow he always managed to mend it together. But soon that good friendship turned sour as slowly their friendship witnessed lots of ups and downs, from arguing over trivial matters to fighting over bigger issues.

And their fight reached to that level that one day he left her just never to return back. He gave no explanations, no reasons, just like that, he left her alone to lead his life .

"No matter what happens, I’ll always talk things out with you", he had promised her.  Days and months went by, they didn't talk. Neither he made any efforts to talk to her nor did she make any call to him. Many times they came in front of each other but them both avoided even eye to eye contact.

She used to remember the good days she spent with him. But all the memories are still fresh in her mind and heart. And, that's how another friendship got ruined. She wasn’t in Love with him, she was in love with their friendship, and that's what she missed more than him. :)

-Sanchita Jhunjhunwala

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ankita said...

lot of us have been through an incompleteness in friendship.. but no1 cared to highlight.. to all my friends with whom i couldn't stay connected for either one's carelessness..

**cheers to frienship!!