Preeti Thaker Arora- Cosmic Artist

Modern Art, Healing and Meditation- these are the distinct genres of Preeti’s gallery of painting.

Preeti loved drawing painting and from an earlier age. Her first tryst with paints and brushes was in her own room. Everything was her canvas. From being partial dyslexic to a management topper to a hard core professional who worked as Direct Operations at ICRM a multinational based in Malaysia. Preeti has done
it all.Preeti wanted to carve a niche for herself. Her dream became the anthem of her life

Preeti’s paintings are in brilliant colours, with an unerring eye for detail that makes her splendid paintings an unexplored part of the artist’s mind and work. Cosmic art is not a very common art form, but for some like Preeti, it is one’s inner thought on canvas.  The cosmos is the realm of the mind of thought, of consciousness, of spirit. Cosmic offers bring to mind images of space, the sun, moon, planets but for Preeti it involved imagination and even spiritual connection.  Her paintings are spirited, yet resilient- art that comes straight from the heart. The distinctiveness of her art form symbolizes her independent state of mind. She often develops her own soft focus and dramatic lighting techniques to create a myriad effect.  Also, her paintings offer a surreal 3D effect when complimented with focused light.

Preeti believes it is one’s inner thoughts on canvas. In fact, some of the real moments displayed in “Seven Colours of Earth” and other paintings, helped Preeti to reach among art lovers across the globe, including the Brazilian online art gallery, Obras de Arte, where her paintings are displayed, time and again.

Preeti is one of the few artists who have broken the boundaries of conventional genres. She can paint incessantly day and night and every stroke of her brush brings happiness to her, but what really cheers her up is that for every painting sold she donates half the sales money towards her favorite’s charities. Her paintings celebrate the creative legacy of many a female painter.

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