Lost Friends

Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
School life is over for them. Pankhuri, Ayaan, and Ruhi had all got busy in their own lives.

The conference calls were reduced to mere whatsaap texts and weekend hangouts were now occupied by those tiring extra classes so in a way their friendship got lost because of the busy work.

The three of them were the best of friends ever since
5th standard. Their desire to rise in career had forced them to focus more on their future rather than on their friendship.

All three of them were pursuing their careers in complete different fields, and hence it took a toll over their friendship.

Pankhuri, was into mass communication. She aspired to see herself going in Xavier's Mumbai, and was hence busy in preparing for its entrance exam.

Ayaan wanted to be a software engineer, and he too was busy in preparing for all those never ending all India tests.

Ruhi, a simple yet confident girl, saw herself as an upcoming successful fashion designer.

And she too was busy with the pre-entrance classes she had to take to clear her NIFT.

Gradually they started blaming each other for not communicating well, rather than initiating texts. And that's how the battle against career spoiled one more relationship-FRIENDSHIP.

-Sanchita Jhunjhunwala

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