Superstar Shahrukh- The Success Creator

Nikita Bedi
A man who was born on November 2, 1965 had destined to be a man who made his hurdles transform into the path of luxury.

He saw his life in trouble at very young age when he lost his parents after that he decided not to deceive with the hardship rather make the world in surroundings of difficulties.

He started his passionate journey while studying in college he signed up his first acting debut by playing the role of army
cadet in Fauji. Then after completing his mass communication degree from Jamia Milia University he tried his luck with another two TV serials which featured on Doordarshan.

After, this with his sister he decided to move out from New Delhi but it was not easy because he was already found his lady love in the city of hearts. With courtship of six years Shahrukh Gave the commitment to his better half Gauri Chibber that may our religions be different but I will only be the king of your heart till my last breathe.

With this all problematic Life he entered in the city of dreams where he slept on the footpath and gave out everything which he carried but not only this he got the title of loser that time.

And, then He made the commitment to rule as Baadshah of Bollywood. With the first call of actress Hema Malini his way never hired him to be a slave of his lines. From 1992 of Deewana till Happy New year of 2014 this man had set an example of complete hardworking package.

And, after this romance hero finally tie the knot from Hindu beauty and turn out her as Gauri Khan after his biggest commercial hit he actually got everything what he expected from god.

A bunglow named as “Mannat” which was merely a dream for him and he also made a make in bollywood. But, after all this when he looks back he get his eyes wet when he actually thinks about the journey of his bad times. Only two people were holding his hand one was the queen of his life who made his life full of joy by the fragrance of extreme love Shahrukh had accepted Gauri as her luckiest charm because he thinks Gauri is not only his life rather she is somebody who can always tolerate him in any manner and in any phase of life.

And, along with Mrs.khan Shahrukh’s life was holded by His hard work and by his destiny maker. Who gave him the strength to work day and night to prove himself as A great man to live his life on his on ethics and conditions.

Shahrukh’s life can never end because it lies at infinity point but At last I will say “He is just last of the stars to never end from earth”.

-Nikita Bedi

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