Crimea Is The Hub Of Indian Students

Bijendra Singh
sed as the leading medical institution in Russia and graduates from this university are working successfully in more than hundred countries of the world.

Presently students from around 45 countries including Indian are studying at the university. Indian students throng here due to its quality medical education.

Nana Ivanova, Director of the university told this Bijendra Singh that,"There are almost 620 students who are studying in
the University. Every year large number of Indian students join the University with the aim of becoming top class doctors."

Bijendra Singh, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, who visited the university during his visit to Crimea was surprised to see the large number of Indian students pursuing their medical course at the institution. He found that students from Kerala to Kashmir are studying in the Crimean Medical University.

Infact, Indian students are loved by the faculty and administration of the University. Olga Lyashchanko, teaches basic biology to the students has a good experience with Indian students as she taught and interacted with several Indian students. According to Olga,"Indian students are very disciplined and dedicated."

Indian students here are hoping for a better future under the Russian government.

"There is no change in our educational system even after becoming the part of Russia. Infact now we are in the league of top Russian Universities and our university will get more support and grants from the Russian government,"told Prutha Rani, an Indian student.

Similarly, Harsha Mukundan from Kerala said that,"We are now living in a more peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Our dean and other faculty members are taking care of us."

Director of the Crimean Medical University, Nana Ivanova wishes all the graduating students will carry the tradition of knowledge and respect and will be good doctors and serve the people.

-Bijendra Singh

Foreign Affairs Correspondent
Asia-Pacific Affairs Expert

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