Be beautiful with smells in Monsoon

Get set to pamper your body, mind and soul this monsoon with the magic of Aromatherapy and holistic healing . Dr Naresh Arora, renowned aroma therapist from Chase skin care institute organized a Complete Beauty and wellness seminar which aimed at spreading awareness on holistic beauty & wellness with Aromatherapy and

On the occasion special emphasis was given to skin care , hair care and makeup for monsoon. Solutions through aromatherapy were shared for monsoon ridden problems like over sensitivity of the skin, allergy, fungus, itching, perspiration, smelly scalp and skin, hair fall dandruff, monsoon blues, stress, mood swings etc. Aestheticism, Hair Style Experts and dieticians held exclusive sessions on skin and hair care regimen during monsoon and gave consultation and demonstration of trendiest and stylish coiffure and makeup for monsoon.

Dr Naresh Arora shared Knowledge about aromatic oils & Advantages with proper method of usage and kicked off awareness campaign on the advantages and on the right usage and right quantity of aroma oils, Signature campaign to fight out obesity with the help of yoga, naturopathy and aromatherapy was also started. Emphasis was  made  on vital issues like Distressing through aroma and crucial body points, Detoxification of the body through lymphatic drainage and Lifestyle modification etc.

Also present on the occasion was Dr Neeti, renowned naturopathy & reiki healer. She emphasized on the importance of meditation and positive outlook towards attaining optimum health benefits. She  shared valuable DIY tips and tricks for transforming mind, body & soul towards adopting happy and healthy lifestyle. She a highlighted the facts about reiki and aromatherapy complementing each other in creating wonders on body, mind & soul ‘We want to touch upon one of the most important and unspoken areas in holistic healing with aromatherapy and reiki complementing each other and then getting the optimum result. An elixir of life aroma and reiki clubbed together can alleviate, relax and uplift even the most tired body and stressed mind” informed Dr Neeti.

Occasion also marked unveiling of monsoon makeovers as Veteran Bollywood Makeover expert Amisha Saulanki unleashed most advanced and recent trends in hair designs and monsoon makeups. She also made forecast about bridal makeovers trends for 2015.

“We through this seminar intend to elucidate the magic of holistic healing with the awareness about it .Aromatherapy and naturopathy are the most natural and safe ways to keep many problems at bay, even most insidious problems of skin like psoriasis can also be cured with the application of a few drops of Aroma Oil, Similarly in severe cases of stress, sinusitis, migraine, gout, spondilytis, amnesia and other lifestyle and monsoon ridden problems fragrances can prove to be a boon in providing sure relief.Unfortunately very few people are conversant with the fact that their prolonged problems whether it is for skin, hair, body or mind can be cured with aroma or reiki which are closely well knitted. Even if  there is an iota of knowledge about aromatherapy, but that too goes in vain when the right method and right usage is not applied which further worsens the problem. ”, says DR Naresh Arora, renowned cosmetologist and aroma therapist from Chase skin care institute.

To offer holistic treatments and a blend of unique therapies, the seminar introduced traditional Indian and contemporary solutions. It is well known that the process of aromatherapy involves usage of essential oils, nature’s versatile fragrances extracted from flowers, herbs and trees bring deep and far-reaching changes in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.The Seminar also focused  on the use of alternative treatments such as siddha, yoga, naturopathy, nadi chikilsa, kalari chikilsa, aromatherapy, Reiki and beauty care .Around 300 delegates from the field of beauty and health are also joined Dr. Naresh Arora in his endeavor shared their knowledge with participants and audience in the seminar.

Dr Naresh Arora also Launched Chase Pro Plus BB Cream, one beauty  product offering several benefits like moisturisation, sun screen, fairness, facial blemish, facial wrinkles and under eye dark circles etc.

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