Whacked Out Announces Expansion Plans

Whacked Out Media Pvt. Ltd. a leading digital media distribution company in South India, announced the opening of its office in Singapore. The company’s expansion follows four years of major growth in India across its services offerings that include celebrity management, film promotion and branding, strategic partnerships with YouTube as a MCN (multi channel network), Google and Facebook, along with customer wins that demonstrate
it’s high adoption.

Whacked Out manages the social media profiles of more than 220+ celebrities of the South Indian film fraternity. It has distributed 4000+ films and over 0.514 Millionhours of movies, kids, news, devotional and audio content along with TV shows. Its experienced team of Social media and YouTube certified experts, communicates with an online audience of over 97 million followers on Facebook and 3.9 million subscribers on YouTube!

The Asia-Pacific expansion, with a major focus on acquiring customers in the region, will now be driven out of Whacked Out Media’s office in Singapore, led by Rama Krishna Veerapaneni, Managing Director and his Acquisitions and Syndication team. With deep-rooted associations in the content industry, Ram has over 16 years of extensive experience in content acquisition, distribution & copyrights management. Although his journey began in the mainstream traditional cinema distribution space, Ram has developed immense domain knowledge of the digital content ecosystem, which has been the essential ingredient of the company’s success.

“Singapore’s robust infrastructure and strong connectivity to the rest of the region makes it the optimal city to locate in, for our Asia-Pacific operation,” said Ram Veerapaneni,Managing Director, Whacked Out. “Through policies that welcome global business, Singapore has built a strong ecosystem of innovation that will be beneficial for us to join. Our expansion will allow us to quickly respond to the growing demand in the region for digital media distribution.”

Multiple trends and statistics make APAC a very attractive market for a digital content distribution leader such as WhackedOut. First, in Asia, as in other parts of the world, consumers are actively exploring digital and Internet platforms to watch TV and movies. Given the various digital channels available to users today, both content production and content distribution is going to dominate as a trend in 2015 observes Whacked Out.

Second, APAC is a rapidly growing market in its consumption of digital/social media. As per industry statistics, the Asia Pacific region accounts for more than half of all social media users worldwide. Asia has become critical to Facebook’s growth while around one-third of all Twitter users can be found in countries within the Asia Pacific.A staggering 97.3 percent of social network users in the region have accessed social media sites on their mobile devices, spending between two and four hours each and every day on these platforms.

“Digital is the new traditional media today. With increasing consumer eyeballs turning to digital media in the Asia-Pacific region, the allocation of marketing budgets is reflecting this new reality. We believe our strengths in content aggregation and online distribution and our experienced team of experts are well placed to help marketers optimize their returns on web and mobile platforms in the region”, said Whacked Out VP of Business Development, Kunal Wadhwa.


Whacked Out Media is a new media company based out of Hyderabad. Focused on digital marketing since 2011, Whacked Out is today South India’s largest and fastest growing content aggregator. It’s core strength lies in creating a strong brand presence through maverick content packaging and distribution technologies on the Web and mobile platforms. It has over 180+ skilled professionals dedicated to aggregating and distributing content, managing celebrities, promoting movies, brands, products and campaigns.

For more information, please visit www.whackedout.in

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