AIAC acknowledged Doctors, Entrepreneurs and Women Achievers in Delhi

Achievers from various fields including Cinema, Television & Media were recently felicitated with the AIAC Awards for Excellence &Woman Achiever Awards (in various categories) at a glittering gala organized by Delhi based senior league journalist turned entrepreneur Abhishek Bachchan under the aegis of All India Achievers’ Conference on the occasion of
completing 26 years of its existence, at Hotel Samrat, New Delhi.

The agenda of the conference on “Individual Achievements & Nation Building” was to honour men & women from varied fields such as Real Estate, Industrial Trade, Education, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Social Work, Philanthropy, Creative Arts, Service, Astrology, Media and Performing Arts et el with the AIAC Awards for Excellence in their chosen vocation.

SomnathBharti, MLA , was the Chief Guest at the event which was graced by celebrities like actors RazaMurad, RakeshBedi, Avtar Gill and Amit Big B alongside The Consul General of  Montenegro, Her Excellency Dr. Janice Darbariwho jointly felicitated the Achievers for their outstanding achievements.

Prominent achievers who were felicitated for Excellence in their chosen vocation included Rakesh Bedi ( Film & Theatre Artist ) Dr. K.K. Kapoor (Cardiologists), Dr. Praveen Gupta (Neurologist), Dr.Vinod Raina(Sexologist), Dr. Sanjay Agarwal( Dentist ) and Dr.Kailash Nath Gupta ( Pulmonologist ),   Suraj Arun Muchhala and Sachin Thakur  (Realtors), Dr. Jai Prakash Sharma, Dinesh Arora and Dr.Jyoti Vardhan Sahni( Astrologers),  Naresh Jain and Gautam Jain ( Jewellers ), S.P. Chauhan, Anurag Agarwal, Jagbir Singh Randhawa and Dr. Komati Reddy ( Educationists ), S.P. Singh,  Gaurav Sabharwal( Still & Videography ) , Sanjeev Gupta and Rakesh Garg(Industrialists), Harsh Vardhan Lal and Amit Maheshwari( Entrepreneurs ),Dr. Mahesh Kisan Motewar, Narender Singh Arora and Dr.Akarman Singh Shammi( Social Workers )Ranvir Gehlot and Sanjay Nigam ( Print Journalism ) , Anuraag Muskaan ( Anchor - India News ), Kautilya Pandit (Google Boy ) and Amit Big B ( Film Artist & Entrepreneur )

Women Achievers
Some of the prominent Women Achievers who were felicitated included Peenaz Tyagi  ( Anchor- News Nation),Dr. Janice Darbari (Diplomat), Aditi Malhotra(Educationist),  Nidhi Lal ( Realtor ), Nishi Rastogi( Dansesus ), Naveen Chaudhary ( National President - JaatSena ) Rita Raiand Gauri Mishra (Television Actors), Aarti Makkar( Artist ), Tania Gupta Jain ( Celebrity Astrologer ), Dr.Amita Arora( homoeopath ), Dr.Mansi Sareen( Hair Transplant Surgeon ), Dr.Priti Agarwal ( Dentist ) and Kanchan Mehra ( Cosmetologist).

Nationally Recognized Abhishek Bachchan, Executive Director of AIAC said, “The AIAC Awards for Excellence (in various categories) instituted in the year 1989 by the All India Achievers Conference is a nationally appreciated recognition that comes rarely and to a few who have worked hard to achieve and excel in their chosen field of activity to become role models worthy of emulation by others. It symbolises the spirit of outstanding ‘achievement’ and ‘excellence’ in one go.

The ceremony honoured Business Stars, doctors and women from all walks of life from India. Women who have risen literally through trial by fire, worked by the sweat of their brow and overcome poverty and challenges to arise out of the dust of the earth to emerge as achievers were facilitated at the event.

Twenty Six years down the line (1989 to 2015), right from its inception to the stage at what it is, reckons & highlights individual achievements of people from various walks of life who have scored great & significant achievements in their respective fields with the “AIAC Awards for excellence” (in various categories. It symbolizes the spirit of outstanding “Achievement” and “Excellence” in one go. All India Achievers’ Conference has come a long way and is into the new Millennium – thanks to the long and fruitful association of our Achiever members.

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