Paying Tribute to the Mahatma: HELPI cleans Roads

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Sanitation is more important than independence". His dream was total sanitation for all. Taking a step towards this dream, team HELPI organized a cleanliness drive on Sohna Road and in areas around it. This activity was
their way of paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his death anniversary. And what else could be a better tribute to father of the nation than taking forward his dream. The whole team including the founders of HELPI participated in the event.  Their efforts were so earnest that passersby joined them in their endeavour.

Mahatma Gandhi was against untouchability and had empathy for manual scavengers and cleaners. The society has changed a lot since those times but still there is a trust deficit between them and those they serve.

HELPI is working towards bridging the trust gap between users and blue-collared professionals. It is a start-up which provides domestic helps and cleaners on an hourly pricing basis via a technology platform that connects customers with HELPI cleaners.

Founded by three alumni of IIT Mumbai, the startup is bound to create a revolution in the manner we hire domestic aids and cleaners. The cleaners get notification on the jobs in the neighbourhood via an app, which also helps them in managing their jobs, as well as visibility on customer feedback and incentive accounting.

The cleaning professionals thus not only gets job opportunities, they are imparted skills training to hone their cleaning as well as soft skills. The organisation provides a platform through which the cleaning professionals can earn up to twice the amount they were making when working independently, or with other contractors e.g. a full time domestic help generally makes 6-8 K whereas cleaner or a maid with HELPI can get upto 30,000.

IVRS was introduced by the agency to ease out the problem of Maids and helps who find it difficult to operate a smart phone. Other than augmenting skill development and providing upward mobility in the society to those who were not fortunate enough to get formal education, HELPI also organizes cleaning drives as a part of its CSR initiative. They have a firm organizational belief that India's communities can be cleaned easily if it becomes a mass movement, and everybody contributes 2 hours a month with their friends and family and participate in a cleaning drive.

Piyush Peshwani, founder, HELPI said, “We believe in the statement that, “God resides in cleanliness. And we are determined towards achieving it. Be it by providing our services or by wielding the brooms ourselves.”

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