Steps to Learn Network and Internet connectivity on a train route

Internet has made modern lives so simple that when Internet connectivity is not around people simply feel mad! Indeed, whether it is our professional life or personal, life would be much more challenging without the constant guidance present online. No matter how hard it gets, Indian travellers are habituated with travelling in trains without Internet
connectivity. Nothing such as IRCTC or any other live train status app made for other railways information dealt with this aspect of travel.

RailYatri has a feature which predicts the Mobile Network availability on train track. With this feature the passengers can learn about the extent of Internet and mobile network connectivity along their routes. Understanding the extent of network coverage helps the busy professionals plan their trip much better.

On the other hand, when you are travelling alone, the family members can just check the mobile network coverage for your train and understand why they are not getting through to your mobile number. It will minimize the tensions and help make your travel experience smooth.

RailYatri is not a conventional Indian railway app which is merely limited to providing information about trains between two stations, PNR status, train running status or time table of train. It is much more than that.

RailYatri makes sure that it is the best travel advisor the users can have. When you use the “Mobile Network on Train Track” feature you will get the rough break-up of mobile network availability in various regions that the train will cross through the journey.

The feature also points to the availability levels of network through the journey with the help of dotted lines. The green lines suggest good availability.

Steps to use Mobile Network on Train Track
•On the Home page of the website, click on “Insights”
•When the “Insights” page opens click on “Mobile Network on Train Track” option
•Once the next page opens, simply provide your relevant train number and click on Go
•Page that opens will carry statistics related to Mobile Network – Overall coverage and for different providers
•Map alongside will show the availability of network in various areas of your route

RailYatri wants to help each and every traveller make an informed decision. With the various Insights available at this website, passengers can now plan their travels much better. 

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