Valentine Special Predictions by Astrologer & Vaastu Expert Jai Madaan

Anyone who has been in a relationship, either married couples, committed ones or engaged, there is no single answer on how to keep the spark alive. 

On this Valentine Day know about the token of love for your companion and also explore the lucky colour according to your zodiac. With these slight efforts and
some astrological tips your relationship become more sensational and booming.

Aries are open in love, romance and sex and they are exciting lovers too. This time you can express yourself through love.

Token of love for her:  A charm bracelet with your names engraved in a heart will thrill her to her toes.

Token of love for him: Gaming consoles and video games are great gift ideas for guys of this zodiac.

 Love Tip: Pay attention to what is being said and not to what you think is being said. For Aries, making up is so much fun.

Lucky Colour: The deep blood red.

Taurus, Physical pleasures, sensual touch and love are of highest of importance to this sign. When Taurus finds them stuck in a relationship, they will shut down.

Token of love for her: Something elegant and expensive – jewellery like neckpiece or earring would be the best gifting idea. 

Token of love: Belts, wallets or leather bracelets excellent gift choices for Taurus men.

 Love Tip: Holding on too tight will suffocate your partner, learn to trust and allow the beauty of the relationship to blossom.

Lucky Colour: Purple & mauve

Gemini:Gemini, love to communicate and learn new things; they are also restless in relationships and often get bored and look outside the relationship for excitement.

Token of love for her: You can gift her with pearls and roses also if you're giving chocolates; make sure it's in her diet plans.

Token of love for him: Gifting them holiday tickets to the  avid travellers Gemini’s  would be the best gifting idea .

Love Tip: Gemini, it’s not always greener on the other side and your love for excitement could be you just spicing up the inner you in your relationship and encouraging your partner with new ideas.

Lucky Colour: Plum & Magenta

Cancer:Cancers love home, family and relations and they love to love and be loved. Sometimes they become too emotional and their partner is annoyed by what sets them off as Cancers are highly sensitive.

Token of love for her: The best gifting idea for you would be a silver studded zircon sparkling ring.

Token of love for him: One of the best gifts you can present to your partner is a long love letter. Put down your feelings for him in words in your own hand and express what love means to you.

Love Tip: Stay centred; give others the benefit of doubt. Allow them into your secret hide-away-and love will endure.

Lucky Colour: Bright Lilac & Lavender

Leos are societal beings and love affection, adoration and love comes naturally to them. Leo loves to be pampered by her partner

Token of love her: The Lioness loves gold and gems, but if it doesn't reflect her style, a simple card and a CD of her favourite music would be a better option.

Token of love for him: Apart from fine wines, exclusive antiques are yet another gift option if you are looking to impress your Leo man.

Love Tip: It time to make time for your partner that is why partners have come and gone prior. Learn to listen to that special request from your partner; it will make a difference in your love life.

Lucky Colour: Yellow & Golden brown

Virgo:Virgos are romantic, sexual, caring, and all without ego. They do not like confrontations of any kind. They are good when it comes to figuring out complex situations in the relationship.

Token of love for her: A simple "promise ring" is good. Even better, go out shopping together and buy one for each other.

Token of love for him: Games and activities which demand close and unwavering attention can make the base of ideal gifts for Virgo men; for instance you can go for playing cards.

Love Tip: Meditate rather than worry. Try not to be too critical of yourself and others. Take time for you, too.

Lucky Colour: Rose Pink

Libra:If the balance is not right in the relationship, the Libra will work to make it so. Librans have a hard time making a decision whether it’s about a romantic hideaway or just a simple question.

Token of love for her: Treat her to an elegant meal by candlelight. Items of beauty are always welcome, from flowers to pretty outfit.

Token of love Gift for him: If you do wish to surprise him with a gift, choose a silk scarf or perhaps a Cashmere pullover but don’t forget to have it tastefully gift-wrapped.

Love Tip: The love Gods have you covered, Libra, all you need to do is be yourself and love will find a way.

Scorpio:Scorpios love intimacy, sex, love and romance. They need to feel secure and are sometimes a little secretive. Trust is a big factor in the love department for Scorpio.

Token of love for her: For her, a quiet walk together appreciating the beauty of nature might express your love better than an over-the-top display of balloons and flowers.

Token of love for him: You can choose from apparel like leather jacket or stylish accessories like wallet or belt and your man he would be thrilled at the thought of all the trouble you have taken.

Love Tip: Don’t let disputes end relationships, as you are prone to passionate arguments. Try to meditate and count to ten before you bust it loose.

Lucky Colour: Chrome Yellow & Chocolate

Sagittarius:Sagittarius is lover of romance and desire- yet they love their freedom too. But being in a relationship is not a life sentence; you can still roam free sometimes.

Token of love for her: For her, values are more than expensive gifts. So cook for her a special dinner with wine, candles, a red rose and a heartfelt card she will definitely impress.

Token of love for him: You can arrange for him a hike through mountain trails or camping in the forests since Sagittarius guys love the outdoors and the feeling of space and freedom.

Love Tip: This too shall pass…communicate you.

Lucky Colour: Dark Cyan & Electric Blue

Capricorn:Capricorns practical and methodical in love but this doesn’t mean they don’t love you. you amaze yourself at how much in love you can be and how romantic you are.

Token of love for her: Gift her a an elegant neckpiece or an earring to astonish your valentine this time.

Token of love for him: Diaries, pen cases and key ring holders are appropriate choices for your valentine.

Love Tip: Listen to your feelings and go for it. You are amazing in love.

Lucky Colour:

Aquarius:Aquarius has an idea of what love is at a young age. You are a giving partner and do not fall in love easily.

Token of love for him: Gift him a nice neck tie or a scarf on this valentine’s day.

Token of love for her: She'd love an intriguing book or music CD or a fun electronic video game on this day.

Love Tip: Don’t argue with your partner. You will be successful in your love relationships once you do let go. Love will find you.

Lucky Colour: Violet & Wine red

Pisces:Pisces, you are perhaps the most sensual, sexual and desirable mate of all the signs. You follow your intuition when it comes to love and you are usually on target when you do find a loving partner.

Gift for her: She is a classic romantic, so roses or another favourite bouquet of flowers will make her melt.

Gift for him: Choose up a CD collection of his favourite genre of music or chart-topping numbers of his favourite band. Or else choose distinctively aromatic and woodsy fragrances to appeal to his personality.

Love tip: What you wish for will come to be, you have to work very hard for love.

Lucky Colour: Emerald green & Aqua

-Jai Madaan
Astrologer & Vaastu Expert

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